Arial de Grey – Ch. 3 – Following Jah’s (GOD’s) Path

Quotes pasted from the Renaissance Game forum:

March 27th, 1456…  
Following Jah’s Path:  

Arial123 wrote: 
A couple days later Arial was found counting her savings at her kitchen table. She found after she was done counting that she has enough to level up. She is so happy that she will finally make her dream of going to school and getting an education come true. Since she was a little girl she has always wanted to go the science way and become a physician so she can help people that are hurt or need a cure for something. Once she had all her money put back into her purse she left to go to the castle to meet the countess secretary.  
On her way there she was all smiles and thought that nothing can bring her down. She had no worries about anything. Not stressing over managing the town and the county’s mines. She can’t wait, though, until she’s not mayor anymore. She wishes whoever wins good luck.  
Once she gets to the castle and meets the countess’s first secretary she greets him with a smile. He tells her that she will need to turn in 1,000 pounds in order to go to the university but she may keep the rest for her schooling. She turns her money in. He thanks her and tells her that everything will be ready for her tomorrow and to go straight to the university tomorrow. She thanks him and takes her leave.  
The next day she shows up at the university. She’s asked to pick what type of science she would like to go study. She picks medicine. Once that’s done she goes to her first class in Biology. Her first day was quiet and enjoyable for her. She knows that it will be a long hard road to finish school and become a physician, but she doesn’t mind it.  
The next day, which is Sunday, she goes to church. She notices that there is no priest and that there hasn’t been one for a while. She wonders why there isn’t one and wonders if maybe she should have chosen the church path so she can become a priestess. Then she thinks about it and doesn’t see herself as being a priestess. She doesn’t go to church regularly and isn’t completely a believer. She know there is a higher being but doesn’t think she should go to church everyday.  
When she turns to leave the Bishop comes in and asks her if she may know of anyone that may want to take the church path. She says no, and that she has just chosen the Science path. The Bishop frowns a bit but says that’s alright, and that he will find someone.  
Once Arial gets home from church she goes straight to her room to think. She lies on her bed and looks at the ceiling, thinking of the way of the church and science. She thinks about God and what she has learned in church, then about science and the world around her. She starts to have doubts on her path choice but once she thinks about it she feels that she wouldn’t be a good Priestess anyway. She doesn’t go to church regular and is often looked down upon for that. Isn’t a complete believer in it and in there ways. She thinks maybe if she studies the book of virtues maybe she will have a better understanding of it. After that though she goes back to the church.  
Once she is back she finds the Bishop there, looking at The Book of Virtues. She goes up to him and he looks up. She tells him that she may consider the church path if she has a better understanding of the ways of the church. He smiles and tells her to take a look at the book. She thanks him, picks up the book, and begins to read it. She reads it from cover to cover in the dim candle lit church. After reading it she has a better understanding of the church but still isn’t completely sure. She puts the book back where it was and leaves the church.  
That night while she was sleeping she has a dream. In the dream she is a priestess and is in the church that’s full of people. She hears her voice. She’s talking about the beginning of mankind and the jobs they soon have to do and how they come to where they are now. She has another dream about a man that saw the light and is being baptized to wash away all his sins. She dreams of helping out people in need by listening them confess their sins. When she wakes up she feels that this is the way she should go. So what if she can never get married. She’s use to being alone. As long as she is helping people, even if it’s not healing, she doesn’t care. As long as she helps people believe in God and the way of the church and seeing the light instead of the dark. Getting rid of their sins and helping them do good. She knows, now, that the way of the church is for her.  
She gets up, hurriedly gets dressed, and heads to the church. She finds the Bishop there once again and tells him that she will switch ways and be the priest of this town. He is over joyed by this and tells her that it’s very kind of her. He tells her that she will have to learn the way of the church and the skills. Tells her that she’s a bit behind in her studies of the way of the church but that she will catch up in no time. Once he got her settled in and gave her her rob that she will be wearing he thanks her one last time and exits the church. She looks around the church, the office that she will be writing her sermons in, the alter, everything. It’s all hers. She can teach people about God, how we all got here. She knows that she’s behind and that she has a lot of work a head of her. She don’t care though. It will be worth it and she knows it.  
She was at the church late that night writing the sermon. She forgets about the town and everyone else that night. She isn’t sure what got into her. She feels like a whole new person. She sees things different from the way she use to. She reads the sermon and is surprised that she wrote it. She knows that others will enjoy it when she recites it. 

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