Arial de Grey – Ch. 1 – Summary of her Life Story

Arial de Grey is a character I had in a game called Renaissance Kingdoms [hyperlink]. I collected the main role plays I had there, gathered them into a document, and a collection of tales were created. This is Chapter one of Arial de Grey, an imaginative piece of me, who kept me sane in years of confusion (February 2007 to August 2016). I have edited the post only a little, you may take note as I post the chapters, the improvement of my writing style. Stay tuned for more throughout the year, one chapter per month. Enjoy. 

Chapter 1:  

Summary of Arial’s life story: 

Arial was born in the spring of 1438 on the 16th of May in ArundelSussex. She has strawberry blonde hair that she wears up in a braided bun and honey brown eyes. She is small in height, but don’t let that smallness fool you.  

Arial grew up not knowing her family. She didn’t know if her parents were alive or dead. She was left on a middle aged woman’s door step when she was a baby. The lady who her mother left her with is named Elizabeth Bakerfield, but Arial calls her Liz.  

Liz came from a family of bakers and millers. Liz was one of the best bakers in the family. Liz taught Arial how to bake, hoping one day she would want to become a baker, but Arials real dream was to be a weaver and own her own shop.  

Liz never did anything herself and made Arial do everything. Liz would always find something to complain about, and always sat by her living room window waiting for her husband to come back. Her husband left her and never came back. Liz never fully understood, or wanted to understand, that her husband was never coming back. 

Arial spent most of her childhood doing whatever Liz told her to do. All Arial was to Liz was someone to take care of her, to be her maid, basically. She couldn’t go outside much and didn’t have many friends. The few she did have moved away or stopped coming to see her because of Liz. Arial was hurt by this, but then she thought to herself if they were truly her friends they wouldn’t stop coming to see her just because of Liz.  

Arial spent what little free time she had in the orchard. She would sit under a tree, pick fruit, or just walking around, dreaming of a better life and a better place where she will have friends and a family. No one to tell her what to do or set rules on her. Somewhere where she can be herself and do what she wants, not what someone wants her to do. 

One day, when Arial came back from one of her long walks in the orchard, Liz told her she didn’t want her anymore and kicked her out on the streets. Arial was a little surprised at that. She was only thirteen at the time. She didn’t know what she did to get kicked out, but she didn’t care what she did, or if she did anything at all. She was glad she wasn’t living with Liz anymore. Now she doesn’t have to look after anyone but herself. All she has to worry about is where she will go now.  

The day Arial got kicked out she left the town of Arundel. No one was there that she cared about and she wanted something new; a new place where she could find friends and possibly a family. 

The town she came to was Winchester, Wiltshire; it’s right next to Arundel. She felt like that was the place for her as soon as she got there. The people in the tavern made her feel welcome. The only problem was she had no where to stay. She told this to the bartender, Jersey Rocket, at the city tavern. She told him her life story also and how she has nothing but the clothes on her back. He helped her out and let her live in his home. He gave it to her with no cost or wanting anything in return. She was shocked at this and thankful. She hoped one day she could repay him for this.  

She was happy in Winchester for a while. Made a lot of close friends and even found love. Everything was going well for a while, but then it started not to feel the same. She started to get bored of the town and wanting something new. When she heard about the colony town CoventryStafford she knew she had to go.  

She told everyone about it. They were sad to see her go but knew that it was for the best since Arial wasn’t happy anymore. There are a few that she will miss a lot but she knew that she wouldn’t be happy if she stayed.  

When she got to Coventry she again felt right at home with everyone. Everyone welcomed her and was friendly to her. She didn’t think she will be moving again. 

 Shortly after she moved to Coventry she met Rexxboh. They talked for a while and got to know each other. One day at her home he asked her to marry him and she said yes. They were happy together for a while. They got baptized on July 20th, 1455 by Deaconess Leanasidhe. They were making plans for their wedding, and Arial thought that nothing could go wrong with them 

One day something happened that made Rexxboh think that they shouldn’t get married anymore. When Arial thought about it she knew it was for the best. She didn’t get to see him as much as she would have liked. But that’s in the past now. She has moved on and isn’t letting her engagement ending get to her anymore. 

 Shortly after she got engaged she found out who her family was! Her long lost brother Leo found her at the City Tavern in Coventry. She was so happy the day she found out that she is part of the de Grey’s. She found out that her mom is a live but her dad isn’t. She has two brothers and one sister. She has become very close with her older brother Victor and her younger brother Leo. Her sister Anne, twins with Leo, is quiet and likes to keep to herself. Her brothers and sister and she may live in different towns but they try to keep in touch the best they can.  

Everyone used to call her Arial Asila so she figured that Asila was her last name, but she found out the Liz called her that because she said that that was what was written in the note that was in the basket when she found her. Now Arial knows that her name is not only Arial Adsila, but Arial Adsila de Grey. 

Arial finally has her own Workshop. She is now a Blacksmith, though her dream was to be a weaver, and if she couldn’t be that, a baker, but the town needed a blacksmith at the time.  

It was forbidden for women to be a blacksmith so many were mad that she chose it and refused to train her. Only one that would was a sweet old man that lived not to far away from her in Coventry. He couldn’t forge like he use to and taught Arial everything he knew so she could carry on with the work that he could not do. He found she was a fast learner and knows that she will go far and be one of the best Blacksmiths.  

Not to long after she mastered her training he passed away. He will be missed by Arial. 
She is working hard to earn enough money to go to the university. Her dream since she was a small girl was to get an education, though she knows she will have to work hard to get one since she’s a woman.  

She was in the Battle of Birmingham: NNGO and KoP. She came out without a scratch but she lost a family member and a close friend. She hopes that they both may rest in peace.  

During her time away from Coventry she and a close friend, Jersey Rocket, have become even closer. She started liking him as more than a friend, but he said he will be moving away and that he can’t stay in Stafford anymore. She was sad but knew that she couldn’t stop him from leaving.  

With all this happening: Her losing a family member, close friend, and someone she likes a lot moving away. She thinks that it’s time for some traveling. She will be traveling to clear her thoughts, and help her decide if she wants to stay in Coventry or not. She’s hoping that it will help her feel better and help her decide on what to do. To follow the one she likes, stay in Coventry, or wait for a new colony to open up.  

It has. Now that she has traveled she knows for a fact what she wants to do. She has decided to move from Coventry. She has moved to Penrith, Cumberland 

Shortly after she arrived Jersey Rocket, to her surprise, arrived there too. She is happy that they can spend time in the taverns again.  

She will miss most in Coventry but it didn’t feel the same to her anymore. She isn’t exactly sure why, but it just didn’t. She has hopes that Penrith will make her feel at home the way that Coventry once did. 

Time has past and she is starting to feel at home in Penrith, but it’s still not the same as Coventry. She has met some nice people and made some friends. At first she didn’t feel right in town. She sold a field and almost sold her other one before she decided to stay. For now, she is in Penrith.  

Arial has moved on from Jersey Rocket. He was always traveling and never in town long. She has decided to move on with her life and find someone new.  

She is taking life one step at a time to get to where she has always wanted to be. She is finally making her dream of going to school come true. She is keeping her head held high and not letting anyone get to her anymore. She is her own person and wont let anyone treat her the way Liz treated her. She wont be brought down by people who think they are better than her, and she wont lose to someone just because they maybe more noble, rich, or higher ranked than her. She will never quit, and will never give up. She wont let anyone get in her way.  

She has worked hard for a long time and now finally has enough money to go to the university. She chose the science way at first since she has always wanted to be a physician to help people, but soon switched ways to the church after she talked with the Bishop of Cumberland, and had a dream where she was saying a sermon and then it switched to a baptism.  

She found that she can help people in more ways the church way than Science. She can help people see the light and be a better person than they may be. Also, she feels that she will stay an old maid since her only love is never returning. She knows this now. She will now and forever keep her heart closed to any other love. She will forever be an old maid.

After many years of not seeing each other Arial and her mother finally meet. They met a day after Arial’s eighteenth birthday.  

The first thing Arial asks after she meets her mother is why did she gave her away. Her mother, Emma, told her that she thought it was the right thing to do at the time. Her mother told her that she had an affair with another man and became pregnant. The man, which was named George Adsila, was killed by Emma’s husband, Jean de Grey. Emma told Arial that she was so scared of Jean that she knew she had to give her up. Emma told her how she searched for someone that will take care of her, and found Liz. She figured since Liz lived alone that Arial would keep her company.  

One night, Emma left Arial on the door step of the lady’s home with a note telling her that the baby is named Arial Adsila and that it was Emma de Grey who left her.  

Arial listened to Emma’s story and then told Emma her life story. She saw Emma frown after she heard how Liz treated her.  

Arial and Emma have agreed to keep in touch with one another, and write frequently. Emma told her that she is Scottish and English. Emma moved back to Scotland after Jean died from a heart attack. She now lives in her home town, Kirtcudbright, Galloway, in Scotland 

Arial was the first female mayor of Penrith on February 27th 1456. She is a faithful follower of the Aristotlian Church. Was the first female Priest of Penrith, but then she moved. She now lives in Shrewsbury, where she was Priestess. She soon though moved back to Penrith, where she became priestess of the church once again. Her true friends are there. Stafford changed with the time. She knows she must return to Penrith.  

Arial has no workshop now. She has decided to live a quiet, simple life of Picking fruit and going to school, oh and of course her priestess duties. A workshop would be too much of a hassle for this Gypsy Priestess. Her love of traveling is too great. The simple life is easiest for her.  

Arial is at the moment traveling England with her friend Scandalous. Arial has been to every county at least once, but haven’t visited all of Cornwall or Sussex, though she is from Sussex. She can now, once her journey is done, say that she has traveled all of England 

She has now traveled all of England and is back in Penrith Cumberland. She has lost everything, due to a robbery. She is now tied down to peasant work to earn back the gold she lost due to her carelessness.  

In the winter of 1457 Arial traveled all of Scotland. One of her dreams is to travel over seas to Ireland to visit the grave of her lost love Jersey. Or so she thought he was dead… She soon found out, after her trip from Scotland, that Jersey is in fact not dead and is in southern England and courting a woman. She also heard that Jersey is half out of his mind most days, senseless drunk, and doesn’t remember much about his life before Ireland. This news shocked her, but She told herself she has moved on from him, but she knew deep down that she didn’t. She hopes that this lady of his treats him well. Even in his irrational mental state.  

Jah has come to her in a dream on November 22nd, 1458 and asked her if she’d like a life full of relaxation and riches. Arial chose to not have this life. She chose to continue her work of sharing His teachings to all who are lost and would like to know more about their creator.  

A week later He came again to her in a dream and offered her a life of luxury. This time she accepted. She found, in the morning, the building plans for her mansion on the outskirts of town.  

The year 1458 was a hard year on the family. The Grey family has lost many family members from a mysterious illness. This illness almost took Arial’s life as well, but she was fortunate to survive it for many did not. The family’s original matriarch, Lady Briana, passed away. Her brother Victor didn’t make it through. Nor did her cousin Pietjan or his wife Gabrielle. A close mentor of hers didn’t make it through the illness either, Deaconess Leanasidhe. May all of these loved ones rest in peace. Arial knows they are all in good hands and that she’ll be with them one day.  

Many events in her life has harden her a little, but she still is gentle to those in need, even though at times she can come off a bit strong and hard headed to others. She tries to help others the best she can. 

Arial carries around a big stick and isn’t afraid to use it on someone if they get out of line. 

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