Yoga Retreat – Arizona – Sedona – The Deliberate Journey

I was fortunate enough to take this trip before epidemic, global crisis: Sedona, Arizona, Yoga Retreat: The Deliberate Journey by @bewarriorsyoga and @livinggoodyoga [follow them on Instagram if you wish or Facebook] #thedeliberatejourney

The Lighthouse was the Eco-lodge to which I and 4 others stayed for this special retreat, from 2.20.2020 through 2.24.2020:

And I attempted, in frustration, to make a mala necklace! It is beautiful and meaningful nonetheless


We completed a Yoga practice and meditation or Yin practice daily.

One day of hiking in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon


And another day we explored the wonders of Sedona, Check out Crystal Magic! They have wonderful rose water ❤ a recommended buy.

We also explored the Amitabha Stupa Peace Park – it was beautiful despite the clouds and mud from the rain!

And had a wonderful meal at the Organic Cocolatree


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