Trekking Arizona – Yuma AZ/So Cal – Picacho State Recreation Area

If you enjoy off roading, camping, or a variety of hikes to easy, moderate and strenuous if you like to mountain climb, Picacho State Recreation Area is a perfect fit. I visited this area on 2.16.2020 for hiking and exploring.

“Picacho State Recreation Area is a camping, boating, and general recreation area located on a 9-mile stretch of the lower Colorado river at the site of Picacho, a defunct gold mining town.

Picacho is a popular wintertime/springtime destination for boating, fishing, hiking and camping. This remote park is located in the far southeastern corner of California and includes 54 campsites, 3 boat launches, and 5 river camps. Favorite activities at the park include stargazing, and bird and wildlife viewing (including the famous desert resident, the Bighorn sheep).

The mining town of Picacho sat on this spot in the early 1900s. The remains of a stamp mill that was used to crush the gold ore during mining operations is a popular hiking destination.

This section of the Colorado River is a popular stopover for migratory waterfowl – ducks, geese, ibis and cormorants – usually seen by the thousands in spring and fall. Other waterfowl are found here year round.” Per Wikipedia

Photos of the hike:

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