Religion post 2- Christ & Buddha

I had insight to write this post since 2011 or 2012. However, it was not ready until today to post. It is still developing it appears, but I have to say. Synchronicity still festinates me. Below is a picture of my ‘alter of sorts’, and I happen to have both Christ and Buddha beside each other. I painted the Buddha a couple months ago at Artsy Fartsy Studio in Yuma AZ, and the Christ ceramic piece was made by my maternal grandmother, whom resides in Yuma. I am not the one to call religious, but I believe in a higher power beyond our selves, and I listen to my intuition for it has NEVER led me wrong. Read more from C.G. Jung below, on psyche and religion. Please continue to read to the very end!


Christ and Buddha

“Christ – like Buddha – is an embodiment of the self, but in an altogether different sense. Both stood for an overcoming of the world: Buddha out of rational insight; Christ as a foredoomed sacrifice. In Christianity more is suffered, in Buddhism more is seen and done. Both paths are right, but in the Indian sense Buddha is the more complete human being. He is a historical personality, and therefore easier for men to understand. Christ is at once a historical man and God, and therefore much more difficult to comprehend. At bottom he was not comprehensible even to himself; he knew only that he had to sacrifice himself, that this course was imposed upon him from within. His sacrifice happened to him like an act of destiny. Buddha lived out his life and died at an advanced age, whereas Christ’s activity as Christ probably lasted no more than a year.”

“Later, Buddhism underwent the same transformation as Christianity: Buddha became, as it were, the image of the development of the self; he became a model for men to imitate, whereas actually he had preached that by overcoming Nidana-chain [a concentration of cause and effect] every human behind could become an illuminate, a Buddha. Similarly, in Christianity, Christ is an exemplar who dwells in every Christian as his integral personality. But historical trends led to the imitation Christi, whereby the individual does not pursue his own destined road to wholeness but attempts to imitate the way taken by Christ. Similarly, in the East, historical trends led to a devout imitation of the Buddha. That Buddha should have become a model to be imitated was a weakening of his idea, just as the imitation Christi was a forerunner of the fateful stasis in the evolution of the Christian idea. As Buddha, by virtue of his insight, was far in advance of the Brahma gods, so Christ cried out to the Jews, “You are gods” (John 10:34); but men were incapable of understanding what he meant. Instead we find that the so-called Christian west, far from creating a new world, is moving with giant strides toward the possibility of destroying the world we have.” C.G. Jung – Collective Works, Vol .3


As mentioned, my intuition is strong, despite how crazy I could appear if I spoke openly to ALL I know about my insights, in particular about the Ascending Masters, and the 7 archangels, the 7 Universal energy forms to which have been in existence since our solar system’s creation, before Us and animals of the earth, and life on the planets.

Our Earth goes through transitions, just as humans and other animal species evolve with the changing of the times. We cannot avoid evolution, and we cannot deny that our Earth is a living thing to which has a core that could be like the heart that beats within us. I believe in fate, and we chose a path to follow before we entered our mother’s womb.

I believe in Christ and Buddha, but I do not believe in the 2nd coming of Christ, for I feel he has entered the super consciousness, source of life, and to which that makes HIM a part of us ALL, a spark with in, to which makes us ‘Gods of the universe’. Buddha new a version of this to be true, our Self within. To which is similar and why, in my opinion, Christ and Buddha are often compared. No, they are not the same soul! But their beliefs come from a similar plane of existence.

We cannot truly destroy the earth based on ignorance. The so-called weak do die and enter back into our Source of life. We write our own destinies, however, there are universal truths and laws to which cannot be broken, despite some souls’ best efforts.

Concept of archangels are the source of energy where spirit guides gather and come from, the so-called angels are the leaders, however, they are not spirits, rather, energetic forms. To understand that concept, you may not find the answer in the diluted version of the King James bible or broken pieces of the Old Testament or numerus religious texts. TO find your answer to these universal energies, the angels, ascending masters, etc. You must find it within you.

If you are interested and still reading, maybe browse this site – Archangels to learn more about the Archangels. However, remember, as a universal energy older than time and space, they are more than they appear in words.

 If you are still curious and intrigued, you may read my tale in Creative Expressions, Uriel .

We are now in the age of Uriel and Aurora, beginning the first New Moon of this year, 2020. Don’t ask me how I know, it seems I just do.

Peace & Love ❤

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