Dream Entry: The Question of Immortality

“In the majority of cases the question of immortality is so urgent, so immediate, and also so ineradicable that we must make an effort to form some sort of view about it. But how? My hypothesis is that we can do so with the aid of things sent to us from the unconscious – in dreams, for example. Usually we dismiss these hints because we are convinced that the question is not susceptible to answer. In response to this understandable skepticism, I suggest the follow considerations. If there is something we cannot know, we must necessarily abandon it as an intellectual problem. For example, I do not know for what reason the universe has come into being, and shall never know. Therefore I must drop this question as a scientific or intellectual problem. But if an idea about it is offered to me – in dreams or in mythic traditions – I ought to take note of it. I even ought to build up a conception on the basis of such hints, even though it will forever remain a hypothesis which I know cannot be proved.” C.G. Jung – Dreams memories reflections

Dream 10/25/17 

Some girls I didnt know 

It was as if I was 12 again 

They came over, we hung out, one felt like a best friend, we met in the dream and were attached to the hip (not literally) always. Then, we met another friend, a friend of mine, and we became a trio. 

So, I invited them over, I live with my dad, but he didnt even acknowledge them, which was fine, and we spent time in my room. it became evening, dark, and the two went out front. they said theyd be right back. 

But I felt something was off, so I went outside, and they were about to drive a way in my friends jeep. I chased it down and yelled “hey stop” the windows were rolled down, so they stopped immediately 

I asked why they are leaving, and without telling me. 

My friend stayed silent, but the new girl who I felt was becoming a best friend said “we are going to such and such house. she lives alone” 

“Im like, what’s wrong with living with my dad? he doesnt bother us,” and they were silent. 

Then I was like “all I want is honesty. If there’s something more tell me straight up. and quick, its dark, and I’m afraid of the dark. we can come inside to talk about it.” 

M friend shook her head and tried to kiss me on the cheek. 

I pulled away then I woke up. 

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