Dream Entry: The General Attitude of the Introverted of Consciousness

Introverted: governed by subjective factors; a subjective view between the perception of the object and his own action, which prevents the action from assuming a charion, which prevents the action from assuming a character that corresponds with the objective situation. Not all perception and cognition isn’t purely objective, it’s also subjectively conditioned.

-Through an overvaluation of the objective powers of cognition, we repress the importance of the subjective factor, which means the denial of the subject [man].

– All psychic functions have a subject that’s indispensable as the object.

– The introverted attitude is governed by the psychological structures, determined by heritage, but which the subject is an ever-present subjective factor. It’s the psychological structure of the subject that precedes any development of the ego.

-The fundamental ego, the self, is farm more comprehensive than the ego, because the self also embraces the unconscious, while the ego is essentially the focal point of consciousness. Ego is a characteristic peculiarity of the introverted which is much in keeping with his own general bias, that he tends to confuse the ego with the self and to the exalt his ego to the position of subject of the psychological process, thus effecting the morbid subjectification of consciousness, which alienates him from the object.

– Psychological structure is also called collective unconsciousness. The contents of the collective unconsciousness are represented in consciousness in the form of pronounced tendencies, or definite ways of looking at things. Subjective tendencies and ideas are stronger than the objective influence because there psychic value is higher, they are superimposed upon all impressions. Just as it seems incomprehensible to the introverted that the object should always be decisive, it remains just as enigmatic to the extraverted how a subjective standpoint can be superior to the objective situation.


I had a dream about my future 151 algebra class in college. I had a creepy teacher that would hug and kiss me in class, but everyone ignored it. No one ever got what he said. One day he called on me in class and I didn’t know the answer, but he kept asking. Finally I walked out and said I am dropping the class and taking another math class with a different teacher. At the same time I was thinking in my dream, wondering if I made the right decision on dropping the class.

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