Year 5 – Dreams, Creative Expressions, Psychology & Alchemy, Affirmations, Accomplishments

Year 5 – time flies. I have enjoyed my time here at, and I continue to enjoy creative writing, an art that I feel speaks to my spirit and is a part of me. This year was a mix of reflection and originality, me connecting to deeper parts of me on some level, but also me becoming more ‘external’ in my expressions and accomplishments. This year was one of change, and growth – for better or for worse. This year, I have come closer to finding and expressing me, externally.

Year 5 was filled with creative expressions and posts of mythology from India. Mythology is important to me, because it connects us to the unconscious parts of our mind, and the images/symbols present themselves in dreams and nature, guiding us to our true purpose, warning us of danger, and showing us the way when we feel lost. Mythology connects us to cultures of the world, and history of things and why they are how they are today – politically, spiritually, physically and mentally! I chose Indian mythology due to the images I began to see when I began meditation in 2011. My internet research led me to Indian gods/goddesses. A friend gave me the Myth’s & Legends of India book 6 years ago, and that is where the below posts, and more in Creative Expressions category, was found.

The Birth of Sakuntala
Karna’s Parentage
The War Skills Battle
The Lacquered Palace
Krishna the Peace Maker
Krishna, Naraka and the Founding of Dvaraka
Krishna and Radha
The Birth and Childhood of Krishna

Through my further exploration of Mythology, through the postings and analyzing C.G. Jung works, to whom I continue to post on the collective unconscious and its contents. Also, I continue to have an interest in symbols of our unconscious, and began the exploration and complexity in the research of Alchemy and its connection to our Psyche. More is to come from C.G. Jung and Alchemy posts in the future: 

Alchemy #5 – Rosarium Philosophorum

Alchemy #4

Alchemy & Psychology #3 

Alchemy Part II 

Mythology #2: Ancestor, Individualism & Group Conformation  

C.G. Jung on Mythology 


Archetypes Touched Upon Again 

The Collective Unconscious Further Explored

Bonus post on Introduction to Alchemy: 

Intro to Alchemy

Bonus post on unconscious symbolism: 


Furthermore, I continue my interests of Yoga Practice, Yogic Philosophy, and deepening my own practice. By furthering exploring myself and showing myself to the world, turning my introverted nature to more extraverted behaviors, I chose to begin and complete a 200 HR Yoga Teacher training from @bewarrioryoga from January 26th through June 30th. I am now a Yoga Teacher @humanequationwellness (find them on Instagram). I will post more in the future on this journey, along with my current job as a Child and Family therapist, and my ‘journey’ to which led to me my current path, with deeper reflections and explorations of me. I will begin to post more about me this coming year, as a process recording, and an open journal/reflection, to the deeper parts of ME.

Yoga, Flexability, Controversy
Thread of Truth
SCREAM to Freedom
Personal Meaning to Prayer or Setting an Intention
Dream upon a Dream
Heart Companion
Little Big Dreams

I continue to dream and post them here:

To Have a Secret
The Inner Experience
Freedom of the Opposites
Attitude Types
Symbols of Transformation
Parts of Symbols of Transformation, Continued
Categories of Instinctual and Archetypical
Supplemental Material
Peculiarities, Functions, Extraverted Attitude – C.G. Jung
Recapitulation of the Extraverted Irrational Types
Recapitulation of the Extraverted Rational Type

And a Bonus, Sacred Words entry in Confessional category:

Sacred Words #10

Each year builds upon the next, and my themes have evolved but in some ways patterns have been the same. I am now painting [still a beginner], and I will share my progress in the future. More posts of my creative nature are to come! Peace & Love <3. Stay tuned. 

Affirmations are always fun too, I will continue to post monthly affirmations: 

Let these Tears 


Life Affirmation



Sacred Tears

Meeting Your Body for the First Time  

Surrender Affirmation

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Entering the Unknown 

Featured Image found on Pinterest and Seasonal Love

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