Alchemy #4

Alchemy – in Jung’s View – is “processes arising from the individual psyche are described encoded” (prima materiaunus mundus, Mercurius, filium philosophorum, lapis and more (decrypted by Jung)) Read my post: the Light of the Sun for literature detail. 

Unconsciousness as a Multiple consciousness: 

Seintillae (sparks) – visual illusions in the “arcane substance” – the soul is identical with “Sparks of white light”, the spirit of GOD. Alchemists have already divided the psychic nature of these luminositio (sparks). The human mind is the highest of these “sparks”. Ascintillae formae (origin of species).  Alchemic visions claim the archetypes have a quasi-consciousness and numinosity entitles luminosity. 

– Energy is “sparks of light” which is the essence of our thoughts and what we are made of. “Lumer naturae”. “Light (sparks) of nature” – GOD. Wisdom comes from nature (study the plants and animals of the world). 

Sparks: are the four elements of nature (GOD) that make up the human species and other animals of the Earth. Archetypes are made up of light (energy/sparks). 

 scintillae: germinal luminosities (sparks “Holy Spirit” shining through from the darkness of the unconscious). GOD is the light (lumer natureae) that’s in all of us. We are all part of GOD. Therefore we all have a spark of light in us that is GOD. “Star” “Light” “Sun” “GOD” is the highest of the archetypes 

– Astronomy: is the learning of the stars. We are all part of astronomy (astronomia).  

– Holy spirit – light of natureMan learns of the “lumer naturae” through dreams (write down your dreams). The light of nature doesn’t sleep (Van gho painting starry night).  

– ‘Darksome psyche‘ – starry night sky whose planets and fixed constellations represent archetypes in all their luminosity and numinosity – according to Paracelsus. Alchemy and astronomy come together in the psychology of the collective unconscious. ‘starry vault of heaven’ is the open of cosmic projection where we reflect the archetypes 

– “Fish eye” is often a symbol of the “eye of GOD” such as the sun and moon are considered GOD as well as the seven planets. 

– Psychologically, water means spirit that has become unconscious. Spirit always comes from above, it seems, white from below home everyone son did and worthless. People who think in this way, spirit means highest freedom, a soaring over the depths, deliverance from the prison of the other world, and a refuge, for all those timorous souls who don’t want to become any different. Water’s also earthy and tangible; it’s also the fluid of the instinct-driven body, blood and the flowing blood, the odor of the beast, carnality heavy with passion. 

– The unconscious is the psyche that reaches down from the day light of mentally and morality lucid consciousness into the nervous system that for our ages has been known as the sympathetic. 

– In self in nature wisdom and folly appear as one and the same, as ions as they are acted out by the anima are the archetype of life.

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