Dream entry: Recapitulation of the Extraverted Irrational Types

Irrational types are based on perception of simplest happenings where no selection has been selected on the judgment of reason. Perception types are irrational. Perception is grounded by experience, meaning acts of choice. Rational judgment is conscious, irrational is unconscious. 

 Rapport: is the feeling of accord. Recognizing differences is rapport. Rational rapport is based upon judgment, and irrational rapport is based upon actual living beings. His feeling of accord is the perception of sensation and intuition. – C.G. Jung, Psychological Types


I met her online. we were talking and I asked her what she does, she said she is in charge of a website and works from home while taking care of her kids. and I asked her how she makes money off it and how it became successful. her site was on videos, movies and such where people could rent or buy or something, as well as music. I don’t know it was strange. then as I was browsing her site an idea came to my mind of making my own, an art site. I told her about it, she said she’d help. 

And I was looking at the computer screen, her site, then it switched to my site, but it was blurry, I couldn’t make anything out. I just felt excited about it, and then i woke up. with the idea of creating the site, couldn’t go back to sleep even of the excitement. still think about it, just don’t know how to make it happen. that one may happen. 

One thought on “Dream entry: Recapitulation of the Extraverted Irrational Types

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