Dream entry: Peculiarities, functions, extraverted attitude – C.G. Jung

The peculiarities of the basic psychological functions in the extraverted attitude: 

Thinking: as the result of general attitude of extraversion, thinking is orientated by the object and objective data. Thinking is fed from two sources: first from subjective and in the last resort unconscious roots, second from objective data transmitted through sense perceptions.  

– Judgment always presupposes a criterion. For the extraverted judgment, the valid and determining criterions, the standard taken from objective conditions, whether this be directly represented by an objectively perceptible fact, or expressed in an objective idea; for an objective idea even when subjectively sanction, is equally external and objective in origin. Extraverted thinking isn’t necessarily concrete thinking, if it can be shown that the ideas with which it’s engaged are transmitted by tradition and education. 

-Introverted thought is subjective orientation. 

Feeling: in extraverted attitude is orientated by objective data, the object is the indispensable determinant of the kind of feeling.  

-extraverted feeling’s are always under traditional or generally valid standards, of some sort. i.e. I find this “beautiful” or “good” not because I find it so from my subjective feeling, but because it is fitting and polite to do so, meaning this object is known by man as “beautiful” and or “Good”.  – C.G. Jung, Collective Works, Vol 3


This dream occurred yesterday. In my dream I looked in the mirror. My older brother [Ryan] was with me even, though I don’t know why. Anyways, we looked through a mirror, and we both saw a reflection of ourselves when we were younger. 10 years younger, I was about 10 years old, he was about 12 or 13 [ when you see yourself deeply you see your past and your future as well] we looked like we did then even, and you know what he said?  Eww. He didnt like how he looked then and we were bruised though, as if someone had beat us. And then he said “oh yes, I remember. that teacher Mr. so so did that to us.” but we were smiling, our younger selves and only thought that the teacher was stupid. But, I dont know why I had that dream but it was the first one I have had, of seeing a reflection of a younger me. I had a visitor in these dreams, I dont remember faces but blurry and familiar, I do not know what they said to me though but they keep trying to speak to me but I am not getting their messages. 

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