Katie Z Robinson

“Dreamtime. Pay attention to your DREAMS AND VISIONS. There’s a place underneath the conscious mind, below the instinctual self, where one’s usual identity is dissolved and you are pure witness, observing your experience from a completely detached perspective. This place is called the creative, where all apparent boundaries between self and others disappear. What remains is unadulterated awareness, specific to you, yet at the same time expanded into boundless universe. In this place that is at the very core of your experience, you also profoundly comprehend that you’re simultaneously a body and something much greater than merely a body. The dreamtime is a place where there’s no sense of boundaries between your body and surroundings. In this mystical, surreal state of pure experience, you’re always guided and protected by the wise and ageless inspiration of Spirit. Your dreams and visions are the window into this absolute reality, so watch your dreams closely and pay attention to your visions. They will always guide you and lead you, but most especially at this time. Additional Associations: Primal; Ancient; Reflexive; Spontaneous – K Z Robinson”

Day dreams can turn into dreams to which form in to reality. From thought, creates an emotion (passion, determination), to which creates a behavior of action. My future dreams relate to social justice for children, families and reformation of our current education system in the U.S.A, and a series of children books related to emotions and growing up through each developmental stage; my dreams consist of completing my creative works, which consist of sketches, paintings and one-day novels. Furthermore, I would like to utilize Yoga as a form of emotion regulation for children of all ages and spectrums, and for that reason I chose to begin a Yoga Instructor training 200HR this January, to which I am completing on June 30th. Maybe all these tid-bits of intuition, and daydreams in my quiet moments, are formation of something great. My inner child is still with me, forever my guide.

My daydream sketch, drawn in 2011:


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