Alchemy, Part II

Below is more symbolism related to ancient Alchemy and it’s significance within the world around us, and the universe. Enjoy ❤


Alchemy symbols “(Great Work)”

220px-The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819 – Sun – Symbol: Gold AlchemyGold
cresentmoonfromtimeanddatedotcom Crescent Moon – Symbol:- Silver Time and Date AlchemySilver
220px-Venus-real_color Venus – Symbol: Copper AlchemyCopper
marsfromfacespace-factsdotcom Mars – Symbol: Iron Space Facts AlchemyIron
portrait-of-jupiter-6Jupiter – Symbol: Tin AlchemyTin
mercuryfromnationalgeographicdotcomMercury – Symbol: mercury National Geographic alchemymercuryfromrscdotorg R.S.C
saturnearthdotcom Saturn – Symbol: Lead Earth AlchemyLead

1. calcinations -Symbol: Aries


*made from sulfuric acid – H(sub)2S09(sub)4
*calcinations, psychologically, is the destruction of ego and our attachments to material possessions.

Alchemy is broken down into several chemicals:

1. Psychological
2. sociological
3. theological
4. societal
5. planetary levels

Alchemy works with three primes:

1. sulfurAlchemySulfursulfur

– omnipresent spirit of life.
2. mercury – fluid connection between the high and low.
3. alchemysaltfromthoughtco.comsaltSalt  Thoughtco

– base matter

Four basic elements:

Earth, wind, fire, water


Transformation of Alchemy:

1. Dissolution – cancer cancer-zodiac-sign-with-beautiful-bright-stars-on-vector-9177190

– ironoxide Fe203, rust represents the erosion on metals from water. Psychologically it’s the unconscious process of breaking down the feminine part and letting go, bliss of well being.

2. Separation – Scorpio water-symbol-of-scorpio-zodiac-sign-horoscope-vector-15135072

– cursive m – sodium carborate Na2C0(sub)3. Psychologically it’s the process of rediscovery of our essence and the reclaim of dream, vision, and goal previously rejected by the masculine, intuitional, part of our mind. It’s a conscious part in which we view hidden material and decides what to record and what we put into our personality.

3. Conjunction – Venus (symbol)

– potassium nitrate Kno3 + sulfuric acid H(sub)2So(sub)4. Psychologically – a balanced of our true self, the union of both masculine and feminine sides of our personalities into an intuitible state of consciousness, union of our selves (enlightenment).

4. Fermentation – Capricorn capricorn-zodiac-sign-stars-on-the-cosmic-sky-vector-11233783

Ammonia NH(sub)3 + hydrogen sulfide H(sub)2S. Psychologically – fermentation process begins with the inspiration of spiritual power from about that enlightens and reenergizes the alchemist.

5. Distillation – Virgo virgo-zodiac-sign-stars-on-the-cosmic-sky-vector-11123960

– Black Antimony + purified sulfur H(sub)2so(sub)4.
– Psychologically – distillation is the assertion and subdimation of psychic forces as necessary to ensure that no impurities of the fated ego of deeply emerged ID are incorporated into the next and final stage. Personal distation consist of a variety of perspective techniques that raises the psyche to its highest level possible, free from the sentimentally and emotions cut off from ones personal identity. It’s the purification of the unborn self, all that we truly are and can be.

6. Coagulation – Taurus taurus-zodiac-sign-stars-on-the-cosmic-sky-vector-11233802

– purified sulfur + Red mercuric oxide H(sub)gO. Psychologically – coagulation is first sensed as a new confidence that’s first senses as beyond all things, though may be experienced as a second body of golden light, a perminate vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations and evolution of the mind. Coagulation cognates and releases the ultimate material of the body, astro-body, which the alchemist also refers it to the “philosopher stone”.
*True alchemy; philosopher’s stone; carbon; architects; consciousness

The union equal the physical world:

masculine = red and fixed
feminine = white and violetle

Material Primary, cauda pavenis:

*nigredo – black
*albedo – white
*rubedo – red

*occult; hidden; symbolisms; opposites; masculine = sun = sulfur white feminine = lunar = mercury, The Inner Fire or DMT spiritual molecule, Theta Branwave, Asna Chaka divinity,

“…Spiritual beings having a human experience…”

* Terence Mekenna – hermetic, secret rulers, human beings are divinity, matter and will return to the source. Faith astrology, overcoming by faith by tempowered.
*to overcome fate comes through matter.

Fermentation “inner eye”
DMT (C(sub)12N(sub)2H(sub)16

(information presented from

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