Below is detailed information on what an Enneagram is and it’s relation to spirituality, mysticism, and the ‘New Age’ movement. Enneagram is the idea behind a ‘Mandala’, to which represents the wholeness of our Self and personality types. Enjoy some spiritual and scientific information!

Source: Idea solar


An enneagram is, literally, a drawing with nine lines. Figuratively, however, the enneagram is a New Age mandala, a mystical gateway to personality typing. The drawing is based upon a belief in the mystical properties of the numbers 7 and 3. It consists of a circle with nine equidistant points on the circumference. The points are connected by two figures: one connects the number 1 to 4 to 2 to 8 to 5 to 7 and back to 1; the other connects 3, 6 and 9. The 142857 sequence is based on the fact that dividing 7 into 1 yields an infinite repetition of the sequence 142857. In fact, dividing 7 into any whole number not a multiple of 7 will yield the infinite repetition of the sequence 142857. Also, 142857 x 7 = 999999. And of course 1 divided by 3 yields an infinite sequence of threes. The triangle joining points 3, 6 and 9 links all the numbers on the circle divisible by 3.

The enneagram represents nine personality types. How the types are defined depends on whom you ask. Some define them by a fundamental weakness or sin. Others define them by a fundamental energy that drives one’s entire being. Some follow classical biorhythm theory and classify the nine types according to three types of types: mental, emotional and physical. Others classify the nine types according to three types of instinctual drives: the Self-Preserving drives, the Social drives and the Sexual drives. Some follow Gurdjieff, who claims to have followed Sufism, and type the types as mental, emotional and instinctual.

The one who seems to be the father of the enneagram, Oscar Ichazo (b. 1931), spoke of enneagons (nine-pointed figures, enclosed in a circle, with straight lines connecting each point to two others) and ego fixations corresponding to each of the nine points. He called his system Arica, after the coastal city in northern Chile, near the Peruvian border, where he opened his first school in 1971.

“The Arica system constitutes a body of practical and theoretical knowledge in the form of a nine-level hierarchy of training programs aimed at the total development of the human being…. The Arica system observes that the human body and psyche is composed of nine independent yet interconnected systems. Particular imbalances within these systems are called “fixations”…. These nine separate components are represented by enneagons– nine pointed figures that map the human psyche….[T]here are seven fundamental enneagons associated with the nine ego fixations. Thus, the enneagons constitute the structural maps of a human psyche … [and] provide a guide through which a person may better understand oneself and one’s interactions with others…. An ego fixation is an accumulation of life experience organized during one’s childhood and which shapes one’s personality. Arica training seeks to overcome the control and influence of the ego fixations so that the individual may return to the inner balance with which he or she was born.”

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