Dream Entry: Parts of Symbols of Transformation Continued

“-The color blue, color of the air and sky, is used for depicting spiritual contents. The color red is the “warm” color that represents feelings and emotions.

– Instinct image lies in ultra-violet part, archetype is violet as well. Instinct has two elements: it is experience as the physiological dynamism and it’s multitudinous forms enter into consciousness as images and groups of images. Where these develop numerous effects which offer the strictest possible contrasts to instinct physiologically.

– Matter and spirit both appear in the psyche plane as distinctive qualities of conscious contents.

– Analytical psychology interreges conscious contents into consciousness. It does away with the sovereignty of the subjective ego consciousness and confronts it with unconscious collective contents.

ego conscious has 2 facts: first the conditions of the collective (social, consciousness) and second on the archetypes (or dominates of the collective unconscious).” – Basic Writings of C.G. Jung, vol 3

Dream Entry from: 9/16/11

I had a dream I was giving birth. I was newly married I believe. If I wasn’t, I was close to getting married. My family was happy about the baby being born, even if I wasn’t married (I was with a man and happy). When I gave birth to my first child (a baby boy who looked like James, my nephew) it went smoothly and a lot faster. I was delirious, though, and kept going in and out of consciousness. I thought it went quick and smoothly, when I pushed he came out with ease and quick (I had a handsome doc. Who delivered my second son too. He was male). Later after I got home and recovered, I was happy about how things went. Everyone was happy, but no one told me about how difficult the labor really was. So I went about happy and ready for another baby since the labor of my first child went so smoothly.

I got pregnant again. Nine months later I gave birth to another boy. This means my kids were only eighteen months apart, or around that. Maybe a little less, I don’t know. Everyone was surprised on how quickly I got pregnant, but I believe I was now officially married.

The labor this time didn’t go so smoothly. I felt the contractions and the long waits. I asked why it’s taking so long, and why was it easer to give birth to my first son than my second. I was confused. My sister told me this one’s going as it should and the reason I don’t remember much of the first birth was because as soon as I started having major contractions I went into cardiac Arrest and I had to be sedated. They even had to induce me. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness.

I then felt lightheaded. I felt the baby move lower. I felt his head, I knew I soon had to prepare to push… I was freaking out inside, but everyone else was happy and relaxed, not worried about anything. I woke up before I had giving birth to my second son.
I remember walking with my mom on the canal one evening, trying to get my labor started. I was frustrated and tired, I event felt t eh soreness of my vagina. I felt all the symptoms. In the labor room I was even able to walk around, and didn’t have to be on the bed until my final contractions, before I had to prepare to push. I was conscious about everyone seeing my vagina. Even a bit embarrassed. The embarrassment woke me up. I got tired of waiting, especially when I laid on the bed and opened my legs feeling that it was time. The doc. Said no it wasn’t and asked me to close my legs. I knew the timing was close, but I got frustrated and embarrassed. So I woke up.

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