Heart Companion

Love and loss are an interictal part of life, a contribution to life and death, to samskaras, to the wheel of life, or to whichever view, faith or belief you have of life. There is a beginning to every end, an end to every beginning. No such thing as rigidity in this life, and it truly seems a spiral to which flows in and out of each other.  

Heart Companion post has been on my list of blog posts to write since the creation of this blog (back in 10/2014). My poem ‘Mind Portrait’ in the post titled To Avi was meant to be within this post, but in the end I changed it to the below poem. I forget the reason why, I found it on my blog list today. But after reading the below poem, I realized, this is what love feels like at times, a taking away. 

I hope to find a love one day, a heart companion to share my inner and external world with, one I can trust to let in those secret places where few, if any, have been. 

Written October 30th 2010 

Take me away 

Take me away 

Take me far away 

Where the essence of my thoughts 

Can dissolve and re-form into something greater 

Greater than they are here 

In this place 

In this time 

Let them dissolve and re-form into something bigger 

Bigger than they can be here 

Maybe through the reformation of my thoughts, a new world will be created, one of togetherness knit together by an unconditional love. That would be freeing… to love and be loved unconditionally. One day, someday, but for now, I will dream on.  

Peace & Love ❤ 

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