Sacred Tears

I am currently  Hospice Social Worker, future post how I returned to my “roots” will be completed at a later time. For more about me, read A Trip Back in Time, Part 1 and A Trip Back in Time, Part 2 .

There is a sacredness in tears. Grieving is an important aspect in life, and we each grieve differently. Some go about their business, keeping busy and taking care of responsibilities, hoping their routine and roles will not change too much, or adapting to new roles but trying to keep others as well. Family life continues, beyond death, work, bills still flow. Grieving is an expression of a loss – whether it be death, love, work, physical, spiritual, ect – grieving can be a loss of a role. Grieving is necessary, and tears is an expression of a release, a release for a deeper essence to enter and take place, to make us stronger, to live life fuller, possibly understand love and meaning to life either in a subtle or big way. Express these emotions, these feelings, through the sacred space when tears flow.

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