Dream Entry: Symbols of Transformation

Bits and pieces from C.G Jung: Symbols of Transformation . This post introduces ancestral history to which is recorded in our unconscious and two types of thinking (direct and associative), Below is a dream entry of mine from 2011. Enjoy ❤

Basic writings of C.G. Jung: Parts of Symbols of Transformation:

-Ancestral history is recorded in our unconscious. Nothing that occurs now is new. We aren’t different from ancients.

Two types of thinking:

– Two kinds of thinking are direct thinking (speech – copies reality) and associative thinking (dreams and fantasy thinking – turns away from reality).

Direct thinking – speech elements, conscious.

Associative thinking – unconscious motives.

Thinking with direct attention: directed or logical thinking is reality thinking, a thinking that’s adapted to reality, by means of which we imitate the successiveness of objectively real things, so that the images inside our mind follow one another in the same sequence as the events taking place outside it.

-As long as we think directly we think for others and speak to others.

Language: in this origin and essence, is a system of signs or symbols that anote real occurrence or their echo in the human soul. i.e. directed thinking is nothing but the first stirrings of a cry to our companions that water has been found or a bear has been killed.

– Language is the register of tradition, the record of racial conquest, the deposit of all gains made by the genius of individuals. The social “copy-system” here established reflects the judgmental processes of the race, and becomes the “training school” of judgment of new generations. Most of the training of the self, the verities of personal reaction to fact and image, are reduced to the funded basis of sound judgment, which comes through the use of speech.

– Speech is generated by the mind and in turn generates intellect – nothing more than a combination of natural sounds.\par

Speech: is the outward flow of thoughts formulated for communication.

Non-directed thinking “associative thinking“:

– One things associatively while sleeping.

– thinking in verbal form ceases, images and feelings pile onto each other, and a tendency to shuffle things about and arrange them, not as they are in reality, but as one would like them to be. Schizophrenia and personality disorders come from this type of thinking.

the thoughts of this type of thinking can only be the past with its thousands of memory images – this kind of thinking is called “dreaming.

Dream from the evening of: 9/1/11

This night  I didn’t sleep well. I kept having a feeling of spirits in the room. I went to bed a bit early. Every couple of hours I would wake up. My dreams, though I can’t remember them, had people in them talking to me. I’ll say spirits. They asked me things, maybe told me things I don’t know. But either way, I couldn’t sleep well. Each time I woke up I felt them in my room. As if they were waking me up to talk, I don’t know. Oddly this night my bro’s friend Marke came over to my house. My door was closed, which rarely is closed, and it scared me when it got open, especially because of the dreams I been having and the strange feeling I was feeling. A feeling of being scared and uncomfortable at the same time… Oddly, Marke came in and said he was scared. He couldn’t catch his breath, as if he was holding it and only breathed when forced. He was having an anxiety attack, it appeared to me. Since I was the only one who woke up, he came in and told me what happened. He was thinking of demons and things out of his control, things trying to come inside him and control him, since things in his life are chaotic.

I didn’t tell him then, or even later when he came by again, that I was dreaming of my door being opened moments before he opened it. I told him the next day I was feeling uneasy too that night, that I felt spirits around me and the like…. It was strange, we were feeling similar feelings, yet I didn’t imagine something in a window… luckily I have never been that scared. Anyways, I mentioned that because it had a connection with my dreams that night… too bad I couldn’t remember my dreams clearly… maybe one day that night will make more sense to me.

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