Little Big Dreams

More tid-bits from my imagination, from 2015. Another poem and couple of my sketches. Enjoy, Peace & Love ❤



When my dreams come true… 

That’s when I’ll find you… 

When my dreams come true… 

Only in my dreams [click scanned image]

scan – 2019-01-19 11_28_57


‘Kicking up dust’ on my way to success [click scanned image]

scan – 2019-01-19 11_31_20


Sleep, child, and dream… dream on child 

I’ve got big dreams, no one will stop me! [yay, finally] 

Only one stopping you – is YOU  


Sometime in august 2015 :

Look at me  

I’m not the girl I use to be 

There are a few notches beneath me 

Walked down roads beyond me 


One thought on “Little Big Dreams

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