Surrender Affirmation

Comments I see on social media that are like, “cheer up, count your blessings” may be meant to help us feel better, but instead it brings up the feeling of Shame. Those comments turn a blind eye toward the honest truth, you are suffering, whether it is mental or physical. Instead of saying “be happy” or grateful, one should do the opposite. Embracing the sadness, letting it flow, is the key. Through the flow the reason to the Suffering will in time surface, and meaning will be felt. Through suffering and/or depression, we can find our meaning of existence, if we let it take its course. Our western society is all about the pursuit of happiness. Maybe it should be the pursuit of truth, because the truth is, we all suffer in some form. And we should embrace the suffering, and that doesn’t mean always with a smile. Through our suffering we find meaning to our existence, if one allows it to surface. Maybe this is what is called Surrendering, but instead of Surrendering to the world, it’ll be Surrendering to your Self. 

Featured Image found on the Spirit that Moves me Facebook page.

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