Dream Entry: Freedom of Opposites

“Wherever the psyche is set violently oscillation by a numinous experience, there is a danger that the thread by which one hands may be torn. Should that happen, one man tumbles into an absolute affirmation, another into an equally absolute negation. Nirdvandva (freedom of opposites) is the Orient’s remedy for this. The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong. The numinosum is dangerous because it lures men to extremes, so that a modest truth is regarded as the truth and a minor mistake is equated with fatal error. Tout passé – yesterday may be tomorrow’s revelation. This is particularly so in psychological matters, of which, if truth were told, we still know very little. We are still a long way from understanding what signifies that nothing has any existence unless some small – and oh, so transitory – consciousness has become aware of it.”  C.G. Jung – Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Dream Entry: August 10th, 2011

I had another dream with confrontation of my animus, but I couldn’t comprehend or remember much of it. All I remember is him saying ‘you are too tired,” and than I woke up. Two others were there as well, with my animus. We were at a table. I don’t know any other details, not even what the other 2 beings looked like.  

Happy New Year!

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