Year 4: Life, Reflections, Myths, Psyche


This year was filled with a cluster of affirmations related to happiness, self-worth, soul-speech and to not take yourself so seriously. Furthermore, this year had a dash of reflections with Tid-bits of my imagination and a glimpse of a one-day Young Adult novel. Also, this blog year was filled with creative expressions related to the mythology of India and its Gods – a further expansion of my spirituality to the deeper archetypes of ME, and their subtle connection to these tales. More than anything, this blog year was filled of C.G. Jung notes in relation to the collective unconscious, archetypes/patterns of behavior, and Ego. As always, I post my monthly dream entries, to which show patterns of thought/behavior in my own life, symbolically and more. I did not post anything too ‘original’ per-say this year, mostly a collection of writings I gathered over the years, but externally I have been making changes to move forward career wise and to gain financial independence. I will express more on this when ready, but for now, enjoy this summary of my past blog year, and for more, read one or more posts listed below, a collection of my posts from this past year. Enjoy! Peace & Love ❤ 


Awareness Affirmation

Closed Minds

Clear Vision Affirmation


You Aren’t a Jar of Nutella

Inner Voice Affirmation

Soul Speak Affirmation

Don’t Be So Serious

Affirmations Huffington Post

Your Christmas Gift

Happy Thanksgiving

The Crone


the Art of Being Human

Tidbits from my Imagination

Scattered Thoughts for a One Day Written Novel

Creative Expressions 

Myths & Legends of India: the Lord of the Dance

Myth & Legends of India: Siva Discards his Lingam

Myth & Legends of India: the Birth of Skanda

Myths & Legends of India: Siva and Kama

Myths & Legends of India: the Mare of Fire

Myths & Legends of India: the Crookedness of Manthara

Myths & Legends of India: Siva Accused

Myths & Legends of India: the Greatest of the Three

Myths & Legends of India: Ravannas Stupidity

Myths & Legends of India: Lava and Kusa

Myths & Legends of India: Sita’s Rejection

Myths & Legends of India: Tale 3, Hanuman and the Herbs

Psychology and Tools for Self-Development 

The Shadow Self Part 3, Clash of the Opposites

Dream Entry: Notes on Nature of the Psyche

C.G. Jung: Schizophrenia Continued: Doctor/Patient Interaction

Dream Journal Entry 20: Moral Difficulty of our Shadow

C.G. Jung: Abaissement Dissociation Personality

Dream Journal Entry: Patients Hanging on

C.G. Jung Notes: Phenomena Resulting from the Assimilation of the Unconscious

Dream Journal Entry: The Truth about the Self

C.G. Jung Notes: Group Conformation

Dream Journal entry: Peculiarities of the Basic Psychological Functions in the Introverted Attitude

C.G. Jung: Clash of the Opposites, Shadow-self, Spiritual Battle – Ego Continued

C. G. Jung: Ego Part 2 – Psyche Ego in Mythology around the World

C.G. Jung: the Ego

C.G. Jung: Art of Illusion

Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #9: Heartfelt Intuitive Connection

Dream Journal Entry: Typos

Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #8: the Meaning of Numbers in Nature

Artist: Alex Grey

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