Dream Entry: Notes on Nature of the Psyche

More from C.G. Jung from Psychological Types, connected with a dream entry of mine from 2011. Life is but a dream… right? Peace & Love ❤

Symptomatic contents: indirect representations of unconscious states of processes whose nature can be only realized from the contents that appears in consciousness. In other words, its contents aren’t yet realized by the conscious mind.

Psychoid: is the sum of all the purposive mnemonic[pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something] and life preserving functions of the body and central nervous system, with the exception of the psyche.

Psychoid and psyche: conation and utilization of previous experiences, including memory and association to thinking.



I dreamt of flying. I was on a plane about four times in the dream. I can’t remember much of it, I know I was with my mom at one point. I was traveling back and forth from Yuma, to Utah with my mom. Then it switched from me flying from Cali to Yuma, think even Seattle, possibly with Rick. The dream wasn’t in order… I can’t really explain it. It had lots of traveling.

I dreamt a lot this night. Long dreams, but I can’t remember much information in any of them. I had deep sleep, with lots of dreams that had no meaning that came to my conscious mind. I just remember people being in them. I have images of people but their faces are blurry, and surroundings are unrecognizable and can not be described. Maybe I will remember them more clearly soon…

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