C. G. Jung Notes: Phenomena Resulting from the Assimilation of the Unconscious

Read below for more C.G. Jung notes on the collective unconscious and how it may relate to Schizophrenia and the development of ‘personas’.  Found in Jung’s collective works.

Phenomena resulting from the assimilation of the unconscious:

These “offices, titles, and other social regalia” are some that cause inflation, but not all. Such as one man disappears in his social role, another engulfs in an inner vision and becomes lost to his surroundings. Many fathomless transformation of the personality, like sudden conversions and other far reaching of mind, come from the attractive power of a collective image, which can cause such a high degree of inflation that the entire personality is disintegrated. This is a mental disease of a “splitting of the mind” or “schizophrenia”.

The universal similarity of the brain yields the universal possibility of a similar mental functioning called the collective psyche. Because the collective psyche compromise the superior of the psychic functions and is the basis underlying of every personality, it has the effect of crushing and humiliating the personality. This shows itself in inflation, taking the form either of a smothering of self confidence or else of an unconscious intensification of the ego’s importance to the point of pathological will to power. By raising the personal unconscious to consciousness, the analysis makes the subject aware of things which he was aware of in others but not in himself. This makes him less individually unique, but more collective. The lifting of personal repression at first brings purely personal contents into consciousness, but attached to them are fractions of average virtue and vice which we recognize when “everyone has in him something of a criminal, genius, and saint“. A living picture forms that contain everything that moves upon the world: the good the bad, the fair the foul. A sense of ‘oneness’ with the world forms which is felt as very positive natures, and sometimes is the treatment of neurosis.

Masks are used in enhancing or changing one’s personality. In this way the outstanding individual is removed from the sphere of the collective psyche. This removal means “magical prestige”. Since the society as a whole needs magical figures (this in example of a medicine man) it uses the needful will to power in the individual, and thus brings the creation of personal prestige. Masks are personalities we show to society, hiding who we truly are (personal prestige). A mask is one society creates for us (persona).

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