Prescott,Arizona: Downtown, 4/28/2018

My friend and I went to Down town Prescott and explored whisky row and other historic sites of the down town area.





Information found: Prescott

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Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row is full of some of Prescott’s oldest history. This street is named Whiskey Row because of the large number of saloons in one place. Whiskey Row developed after a fire in July of 1900 destroyed the entire block. When reconstructed, there was an inordinate amount of bars rebuilt in the area. At one point the block hosted a total of 40 saloons.

This high number of saloons was primarily due to the gold rush culture that drew all kinds of settlers, cowboys, prospectors, bawdy girls, gamblers, and even outlaws to the town. Mining towns were no stranger to shoot outs and enjoying the bar atmosphere after a long day of looking for gold, and Prescott is not any different. Present day Prescott celebrates the history of Whiskey Row with an annual shoot out events on this very block! Nowadays, Whiskey Row is known for it’s art galleries, candy shops, and of course its famous saloons. One stroll around this particular block would show you how full of life and history this town actually is!


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