Dream Journal 18: Peculiarities of the basic Psychological Functions in the Introverted Attitude

C.G. Jung Collective works – Psychological Types:

Peculiarities of the basic psychological functions in the introverted attitude:

Thinking: introverted thinking’s orientated by subjective factor. This subjective factor is represented by subjective feeling of direction, which determines judgment. This thinking may be conceived with concrete or even abstract factors, but always at the data decisive points it’s orientated by, which is subjective data.

External facts aren’t the aim and origin of this thinking. It forms questions and creates theories’ it opens up prospect and yields insight, but in presence of facts it becomes reserved. Facts are collected by evidence of examples for a theory, but never for their own sake. For this kind of thinking facts are of second importance; what is important is the development and presentation of subjective idea, that symbolic image in the inner vision. Its aim is for shaping of that aim inner image into a resplendent idea. Its desire is to reach reality; its goal is to see how external facts fit into the idea in actual creative power is proved by the fact that this thinking can also create the idea which the external facts is the most suitable abstract expression of them. Introverted thinking shows a tendency to coerce facts into images, or by ignoring them altogether to unfold its fantasy in freedom. In this case it will be impossible for the presented idea to deny origin from the archaic image. Here it will lift to a mythological character that’s interpreted as “originality” or whimsicality. Introverted thinking has evidence of its own being (I think, therefore I think) while extroverted thinking is driven to the evidence of its complete identity to the objective fact (it is, therefore it is).

Feeling: introverted feeling is determined by the subject factor. This feeling usually comes noticeable in its negative manifestations. It continues to seek images which have no existence in reality. This type of feeling makes a man silent and difficult to access and sensitive of the object. It puts forth judgmental feelings or becomes defensive of itself. Basic ideas such as GOD, freedom, and immortality are just as much feeling ideas as they are ideas. Everything considered in introverted thinking refers equally to introverted feeling. Just as subjective consciousness of the introverted thinker strives after an abstraction of abstractions, only attains a supreme intensity of a thought process empty, so the intensification of egocentric feeling leads to a contentless passionatelessness, which only loves itself. Just as introverted thinking is pitted against a primitive feeling, to which objects attach themselves with magical force, so introverted feeling is balanced by a primitive thinking.

Recapitulation of introverted rational type:

Reasoning judgment is based both upon objective and subjective data. Introverted types always have a reasoning judgment, only its judgment leading not is subjective. Subjective factor exist beneath every conclusion and colors every judgment.

Sensation: has a subjective factor, for beside the object sensed their stands a sensing subject, who contributes his subjective disposition to the objective stimulus. Introverted, sensations based upon the subjective portion of perception. Subjective factor of sensation is an unconscious disposition which alters the sense of perception, thus depriving its source of the character of an objective influence. Subjective perceives the same as everyone else, only he doesn’t stop at the objective effect, but concerns himself with the subjective perception released by the objective. Introverted sensation converts an image whose effect isn’t to reproduce the object as to cover it with a wrapping whose luster is derived from age-old subjective experience and still unborn future event, thus sense impressions developed into the meaningful while extroverted sensation seizes only the momentary and manifest existence of things.

Intuition: Intuition in the introverted attitude is directed upon the inner object, elements of the unconscious. Introverted sensation is mainly confined by the perception of particular innervation phenomena by way of the unconscious and doesn’t go beyond them. Intuition represses this side of the subjective factor and perceives the image which has really occasioned and innervation. Intuition receives from the sensation only the impetus to immediate activity, its peers behind the scenes quickly perceiving the inner image that gave rise to specific phenomenon. The introverted intuition moves from image to image, chasing every possibility in the teeming womb of the unconscious, without establishing any connection between the phenomenon and himself.

Introverted apprehends the images which arise from the a prior, i.e. the inherited foundations of the unconscious mind. These archetypes, whose inner-most nature is inaccessible to experience, represent the precipitate of psychic functioning of the whole ancestral line.

Recapitulation of introverted irrational types:

Because sensation and intuition introverted types have in consequence a somewhat meager capacity or willingness for expression, they offer a small handle for criticism. Since their main activity is directed within, nothing is outwardly visible but reverse, secretiveness, lack of sympathy, or uncertainty, and an apparently groundedness perplexities. When anything does come to the surface, it usually consists in indirect manifestations of inferior and relatively unconscious functions. Manifestations of such a nature naturally excite a certain environmental prejudice against these types, these types are then misunderstood.

Below is  Snip-bit of a dream from my post: [Analytical Psychology] Continuation of the Shadow Self & Soul Image: Shadow Dance

6.24.14 ~ Dream of 6.22.14

I did have a significant dream in June of 2014, that inspired a poem…

June 24th 2014
Blue eyes

Blue eyes haunting me
Taunting me
Calling to me in silent speech
A silence that which shant be breached
Oh, I love those blue eyes
Blue eyes of a stranger in disguise
Who holds troubled lies
An anger expression is upon his brow
Which makes me ponder, what did I do now?
To deserve this feeling of distress
Oh, what a mess I soon will be in
From a man with blue eyes, hair black as night, yet highlights shimmer the color of the moonlight
“I hate you” speaks his facial features
“I love you” shows through my desperate gaze
The knife of the blade he holds in his left hand reflects the full moon’s light
Oh, what a scary beautiful sight
In one swift motion the knife swipes through the air and lands upon my throat
Last thing that is felt is the cold steal blade before it slices my skin
Then – nothingness
A ghost girl in the night

The dream was, again, a setting in the night (unconsciousness). I was sitting in a car, waiting for my mom and sister who are inside a one story home, which has people laughing inside, as if it is a party. The party is near its end. As I was waiting, I noticed a car driving up the dark road, a 50s type car. The car pulls up beside the one I am in, and I recognize the man, who had a 50s hair style and wear. He looked at me with a look of hate. He had blue eyes, and dark as night hair; he looked very familiar yet I did not know who he was. He got out of the car, and as quick as a flash, he had my car door open before I could hit the lock button. He slid into the passenger seat and had a knife to my throat before I could fully react…

The poem is a symbol of love, hate, fear, and death. But it is all symbolic. The blue eyes of the man is my animus, his eyes are my reflection. He has a hate filed gaze, while I feel love and fear despite the knowledge he wants me dead. I don’t fight like I usually do, in this dream. The knife reflects the full moon’s light, the light of unconsciousness, my awareness of an unconscious motive. I am being consciously awakened, and it was a fearful sight. As the knife landed on my throat, I of course awoke, knowing my fate. I did feel the cold steal and sting of the blade, but it all was quick. I saw blackness before I awoke. I am the ghost girl in the night, a spirit within my unconsciousness. The ghost is a sign of being awakened into a new state of being, an old existence dying. After this dream I no longer feared the being I call animus, my opposition I’ve seen throughout the phases of my life. I accepted what I was feeling, the situations in my life. Clarity began to form. Inspiration rose over the months.

Along the top boarder of my the journal entry is:

[rectangle around an X; bloody dripping off thin knife; wave like lines; raven; coffin upon grass, flower, full moon night; cross crossed out; spiral]

~Black, bird, fly ~ ~ waiting for this moment to arrive ~

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