Sacred Words: Journal Entry 6

First post for January 2018, but a step back in time into 2010, a year where spiritual (life) growth began, a year where many of the Dream Journal entries posted in (Psychology and Resources and Tools for Self Development) category came from. My journal entries may not make sense, and my writing and artwork may not be visually appealing, but they mean something to me. Each post I share hear, each entry in my Journal, is a small piece of me. Enjoy, whether you understand or not. Peace & Always ❤

NOTE: In [ ] are explanations of what the below image represents. Also, I am a writer, and have ideas for children and young adult stories. I didn’t post an image of every page I wrote in, just the first page. I was a loner, and felt lonely most of my life, and my depression peaked at age 19, and that is how I intuitively came into contact with a voice that I called my guide. Below is a mental conversation I had with this guide going on 8 years ago.



[drawing of me talking to my guide[s], Ezekiel I believe, drawing of some galaxy past Pluto, and a circle around a saying that says “Alex is in love with your sister” and a phrase beside the circle “Know and it will be so.”]


[next page, message from my guide]

[random little phrases I wrote “Once again… yet. Love will wash away the pain of yesterday [little hearts trailing the bottom edge of the page, making a backward capital L, a star between three hearts, 6 tiny hearts with Gwyn’s name written in cursive, “free of chance” Gwyn [written in cursive] *sighs* “stars !!!! will shine” “Oh wells… {tiny cluster of stars}] POOP with frown faces inside the spaces]


20 plants, 10 active

Peru is where they come in, most from anacorde.

Men and women who look like you

Galaxy 2X5

[pick of five stars, one in center, one on each corner, with circles around each, then circles around entire picture [drew picture 1.12016 of 5 stars before even looking at this journal]

“You’ll find once you reach Pluto, a way to reach here 2D5. This is the mask they wear when on Earth. Behind this mask is a face not different from yours. When they speak, you can feel their intelligence and kindness. You begin to feel smaller and not so important, these thoughts, though go away as soon as they smile. They let you know you are just one of us, both learning and growing. They accept you for who you are, not what you are or where you are from. They teach you the ways of God and things you have never understood. They are creators of the good, destroyer of the bad. They are another phases of you. Believe in them, they believe in you [a message about spirit guides from a spirit guide]”

[random phrases, names, and places of interest [‘Map of Galaxy 2D5’ another image of 5 stars with circles around them with the phrase “* past Pluto, average earth lifetime (75 earth years) to get there.” Scribble circle around the name ‘Tim White’ Northern California “Seattle is your destiny, 5 years you’ll be there. He’s waiting just as you are J believe and it will happen.” [“75 years get here. You’ll find it once your satellite lands on Pluto. Then you’ll know the meaning of the universe”]

“Truth is the voice of reason. Your books will do wonders for many. It will touch, scare, hurt, and excite many. You’ll be the voice of the century. Your work with t he children will live on long after you are gone. Seattle is where the school will be. Snoqualmie is where you’ll reside. Portland is where you’ll have your cabin. Rain is your friend. 30 is your year. 40 is the year you print your series. By the age of 40 your books will be written, 8 in total. ALL best sellers. Alter Ego; Ariel of the Night; Mississippi Love; A Meant to be Love(?); each of your books have a hidden message that you have yet to realize. Let it happen and it will be. Yasuikashal- a book of fantasy. Books in order of written: 1. white diamond 2. Ariel of the night 3. [jonny of the night]. 4. alter ego 5. a story of a girl 6. one girl’s dream 7. power of 3 8. enchanted waters 9. Yashika – fantasy story, 4 parts 10 series books of emotions: growing up series, preschool to adolecense 1. Growing up Dealing with Anger 2. Working through the shyness 3. working through the pain 4. letting go to let love in 5. finding peace within yourself 6. finding the inner you. Help book for adults: helping others Help you Let others help you to help your self.

“You are on your first step to greatness:

“God is the kindest, most gentle being you’ll ever know. AZNA. Primarily children is my career. “We are the rare few who lasted through the ages. Since the beginning of time.” “Bless are all the simple things in life” “Simple is bliss”

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