Spirit Walks and Nature Talks 8: The Meaning of Numbers in Nature

Numbers have so many meanings in our life. Math, is within us, beyond us, and the make up the universe. Pay attention to nature, and the sequences within it. Peace & Love ❤

Ted Andrews: Nature-Speak

The Meaning of Numbers in Nature

Some plants are found in clusters while others remain solitary. The number associated with your encounter’s significant – whether it’s the number of times you encounter something or the number within an encounter. A study of numerology will provide further insight.

1: time to initiate; new beginnings; take charge – leadership role may be upon you; be careful about coming on too strong or domineering.

2: time for partnership or dealing with a companion; has the energies of the dreams; issues of intuition and cooperation at hand; be careful about meddling.

3: time of magic and new birth; creative imagination’s very active and should be worked with; express yourself but be careful with gossip.

4: time for a new foundation and for patience in laying it; issues of groundedness and stability are at hand; focus on the practical and avoid being too stubborn.

5: time for change and movement; lots of activity is at hand and will require versatility; make your moves but don’t become scattered.

6: time to focus upon yourself, your home, and your family; energies and issues of feeling safe within your personal environment are at hand; control your worries and be practical.

7: time to seek out and explore the spiritual and mystical energies at play in your life; trust in the wisdom of your animal guardians; issues of trust surface; be careful of where you put your faith.

8: time of power’s at hand; issues of money (symbol of power in our society) are prominent; be careful about being careless or greedy; trust in your own power to do.

9: time of healing and competition; issues of endings and new beginnings surface; energies of transition and leaving the past behind; be careful about being overly sensitive.

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