Comfort Zone

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Entering the Dark Unknown” from this blog post! Enjoy

Inside A Soul

Entering the dark unknown

The cliff is nearby, I can feel it’s’ tough, strong, steady presence near my still form. I have landed on the bottom of the dark unknown, but not in a standing position. No, rather, I landed awkwardly on my right hip, but the landing was light. The ground beneath me is rough but cool, as if at one point in time a river once flowed willingly, freely, but now has dried up. But there is always water beneath hard ground.

I stand slowly to my feet, a calm curiosity is felt within me. My eyes are wide, desperately trying to adjust to this deep darkness outside my comfort zone. My legs feel stiff, probably due to the fall. As I stand straight and tall, assessing my surroundings, my tight muscles in my thighs, calves, and feet relax. There is no pain in my right hip, as…

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