Dream Journal 14: Taking up Context

For the purpose of ascertaining the meaning of the dream, Jung created a procedure he called taking up context. This consists of making sure every shade of meaning which each salient feature of the dream has for the dream is determined by the associations of the dreaming himself, he’d precede the same away as if deciphering a difficult text. The exanimate of the context is, to be sure, a simple almost mechanical piece of work that has only significance. But the subsequent production of a readable text. The actual interpretation of the dream is, as a rule, a very exacting task. It needs psychological empathy, ability to coordinate intuition, knowledge of the world and of men, and above all a special “amines” which depends on a wide understanding as well as on certain intelligence. All these presupposed qualifications including the last, are valuable for the art of medical diagnosis in genera. Source: Dream mood

  1. On 7.26.2011 I had a dream of dog the bounty hunter. I assume he was in Yuma. I was at a party, on one of his I was invited to I assume. Was at a one story home, not well lit but it enough. I was introduced to people I don’t know. A man with dark hair, thin goatee, short hair. Think he was the one in my dream I had on 7.25. I liked him, and had a feeling he liked me. When dog and his son’s left to get a criminal me and the guy began talking. A few others were talking to us as well. They teased us because they saw that we’re attracted to each other. By now it was me, the guy, a woman, and 2 other guys in the room. One guy left. The others were about to leave too. The woman asked me to step out of the room for a minute. When we both were outside she said to me the guy really liked me and that her and her bf will leave to give us privacy. This made me nervous. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be alone with him. about this time dog came back with a criminal. He asked who wanted to go with him on a train to phoenix to drop off the criminal. He asked me if I wanted to go and I said yes, so that I’d be away from the guy. Dog said wed’ be gone 7 hours. I knew if the guy was interested in me he’d still be there when I got back. T he scene then changed to me, the criminal, and dog on a train. The dream went by in a flash, the part of getting to phoenix and back came back to the house about 7pm, as the sun was sinking in the sky. The guy was still there. I woke up as I walked up to him.

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