The Legend of Hanuman found through Synchronicity, tale 1


I purchased an Indian Mythology book from a friend at a yard sale back in Jun, 2013. The book is titled: Myths and Legends of India selected, retold and introduced by William Radice .

I have yet to read all the tales, but after researching Hanuman, I found three tales of him, his birth, his childhood, and the herbs he collected that saved King Ramas’s life. Synchronicity is a great thing. Funny how that works… Pay attention to the light signs in life, the random image in your head, random words, names phrases… there is a reason to it all, and rarely is it rational. Trust your imagination.

Pp. 19 – 21: Hanuman’s Birth

“Hanuman’s mother was a monkey called Anjana. But gods are not born as human beings are, and a famous story tells of Hanuman’s miraculous birth.

“Actually, Anjana herself was of divine origin. She had been a goddess in Indraloka, the kingdom of the gods, ruled by Indra. But a holy man’s curse had turned her into a monkey and forced her to live on earth. She remained very bitter and melancholy about this.

“She was a beautiful monkey, the most beautiful in the realm of the monkeys, as befitted her previous life; and her fellow-monkeys got tired of her being so gloomy. One day the queen of the monkeys said to her: ‘I know you were once a goddess, and you miss the delights of heaven. But you’re a monkey now, and that’s not a bad thing to be. Normally we’re cheerful, light-hearted creatures, and you could be too, if you accepted your lot and took comfort in the fact that you are more beautiful than any of us. Be one of us. Don’t keep pining for Indraloka. Let us find a monkey-husband for you; I’m sure you’ll be much happier then.’

“The king of the monkeys backed up his wife. ‘Truly,’ he said, ‘you should be proud of being a monkey. We are handsome and noble. That holy man who cursed you wanted to turn you into something ugly – but he failed. You are wonderfully beautiful, and if you let us find you a husband, you will have children that will glorify the monkey race.’

“But Anjana was still unconvinced, still sad and unsettled in her heart. ‘It is kind of you to want to help me,’ she said, ‘but I don’t feel ready for marriage yet. I’m still adjusting to being a monkey. It’s impossible for me to forget Indraloka. It’s my home, and one day I hope to return there.’

“So she remained lonely and miserable, and wandered off on her own through the forest. Tired from the heed of the day, she lied down on a grassy hill under a shady tree. The cool breeze calmed her and she fell asleep.

[pic of my version of the wind god from Whistle of the Wind]

Scan0003 3“Vayu, the wind-god, was wandering about, blowing through the world, as is his wont. He came across Anjana where she lay sleeping, and was immediately entranced by her beauty. He couldn’t restrain himself from caressing her and kissing her with his most delicate and tender breezes, which gave Anjana romantic dreams, from which she gradually awoke with a deep, languorous sigh.

“With is divine insight, Vayu knew the story of Anjana, knew all about her unhappiness. He wanted to help her and make her happier, but he was also deeply attracted to her. He went on stroking her as she woke up, which was pleasant for she was still half-asleep, but made her sit up in alarm when she opened her eyes. ‘Who is that?’ she said. ‘Who touched me?’

“‘You cannot see me,’ said Vayu, ‘for I am Vayu, the wind. But you need not be afraid. I have fallen in love with you, and want to give you a son. Let me embrace you more closely!’

“‘If you really are the god Vayu,’ said Anjana, ‘it’s cruel of you to tease me. You cannot really be in love with me, for I have the ugly face of a monkey. Any son of mine would look like me.’

‘And beautifully so!’ said Vayu. ‘You are wrong to think you are ugly. You are ravishingly good-looking, your son will be also, and besides, I cannot stop myself. My breath has already entered you, and given you a son. There he is!’

“A god can father a child instantly. Anjana looked down, and saw a tiny baby monkey on the ground nearby. Monkey it was, but it was her child, and her feelings suddenly changed. Its tiny monkey-face no longer seemed ugly to her. She picked it up, held it in her arms, and began to suckle it. ‘How wrong I was’, she said, ‘to think that monkeys were ugly. This is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. I love him.’

“Vayu smiled with pleasure at having made love to the beautiful Anjana, and in joy that her baby son had made her so happy.

“He circled round the happy pair three times and blessed them, saying, ‘Your baby will be called Hanuman, son of the wind. He is my son, so he has my strength, my speed, and my power to fly through the world. He will be a kind, brave and mighty hero, who will do much good in the world. Be proud of him!’

“Gently cradling the baby Hanuman in her arms, Anjana walked back to the monkey-kingdom. She showed him off proudly to the king and queen and all the other monkeys, and told them about his miraculous birth. They were all delighted and impressed. Anjana had found a father for her child that befitted her own divinity, and although some of the unmarried males were secretly disappointed that she was no longer available to them, they put a brave face on it, and joined in the general celebration.”

Stay tuned for the other 2 tales of Hanuman’s Childhood and Hanuman and The Herbs.

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