Dream Journal 12: Four Causes of Dreams

Dreams are the voice of the unknown, ever threatening new schemes, new dangers, sacrifices, warfare, and other troublesome things.

There are four causes of dreams:

1. An affection of the body. 2. An affect or vehement commotion of the mind caused by love, hope, fear, or hatred. 3. The power and cunning of the demons. 4. Dreams sent by God.

In dreams we mind, without any profound analysis, the same conflicts and complexes whose existence can also be demonstrated by the association test. These complexes form an internal part of the existing neurosis. There’s reason to believe that these dreams can give us some information as the association can about the content of a neurosis. As a matter of fact they give more. The symptom is like the root above ground, yet the main plant is an extended rhizome underground. The rhizome represents the content of a neurosis; it’s the matrix of complexes of symptoms and of dreams. We have every reason to believe that dreams mirror exactly the underground process of the psyche. If we get there, we literally get the “roots” of the disease. – C.G. Jung

Below written sometime in 2011. It wasn’t the complete dream, it seems. It appears I am in a large two story house of some kind with my family and some ‘evil’ woman:

I wish I could remember the exact date of this one. It’s making my hand shake a little, too, thinking of it. Think it was about three weeks ago.

Here’s another dream I typed out. This one was sometime this February. 2/22/2011:

[it] Started out pleasant, I was with people at a rich upper-class house, pool party. I recognized a few people, but didn’t know many. I was even in the pool, and learned how to swim. [I] felt how it felt to swim, some guy I didn’t know taught me. I don’t know what he said, he was saying something to me from what I remember.

And after the pool party a few [people] went inside for a drink or something, to chat [maybe]. Inside my family was there, my sis, mom, brother, dad, and James. James was fussy.

We were on first floor then, and James was sitting on the floor fussing. My mom and sister didn’t know what to do, I got annoyed and went upstairs with the others, whoever they were.

I didn’t know the people, but we were talking as if they knew me. I don’t know what they were saying, I was talking to the people who lived in the home, almost a mansion but not quite that big.

There was a woman in the dream, her and I butted heads, though I don’t remember why. she glared at me most of the dream if I glanced at her. I had an angry feeling towards her.

The woman in the dream, the one I remember of last night, had long brown hair, similar to mine but thicker and darker. She was older than me, and her eyes were a different shape  [than mine], but from a far she looked similar to me.

I remember looking over the railing, down to the first floor where my fam[ily] was. They weren’t there anymore, but James was there still playing and talking to himself as if he weren’t alone. I saw this woman, the one who I didn’t like nor she liked me… she came in through the door, front door or something, I don’t know. it just appeared, and she was holding a butcher knife.

She was walking slowly towards James [my nephew, who will be 7 on 8/14/2017] with an expression full of hate. I was the only one who noticed this and I rushed down the stairs and shoved her.

I saw my family down there [I was looking down as if from a balcony] farther off, they didn’t notice anything. She left the room carrying the knife, through [some] door, and then appeared another man with the [same] knife.

I shoved him out, and tried shutting the door on him, yelling at him to get out. He said that I cant escape him, or something. [With those words, I released the door]. I woke up as soon as he got inside, before he attacked me.

The people upstairs actually [must have been some kind of party], they noticed the drama, but all they saw was me shoving the woman, it may have appeared to them as if we were just arguing, I do not know. Either way they didn’t leave from the second floor, just watched everything happen. James even didn’t react, just the people on the upper floor, though they did nothing. My family was oblivious. The dream was set at night time. I woke up about dawn.

Every time I have a similar type dream, it’s usually an hour or so before the sun begins to rise. My ‘nightmares’ even in dreams, are set in the night time usually. Only occasionally during day. The woman in this dream had long brown hair, similar to mine but thicker and darker. She was older than me, and her eyes were a different shape. But from afar she looked similar to me.

The woman could have been my shadow self. Since it was set at night time, it is a symbol of a process going on in my subconscious. This is an important dream for me to analyze.

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