Dream Journal Entry 11: Dialectical Discussion in Dreams

Collective works – C.G. Jung

During the process … the dialectical discussion leads logically to a meeting between the [individual] and his shadow the dark half of the psyche which we invariably get rid by means of projection: either by burdening our neighbors with all the faults which we obviously have ourselves, or the casting our sign upon a divine mediator with the aid of contrito or the milder attrition.

Contrito – is “perfect” repentance; attrito – is “imperfect” repentance. The former regards sin as the opposite of the highest good; the latter rejects in not only on accounting mocked and hideous nature but also from fear of punishment.

7.28.2011: I am recalling a dream I wrote down over a year ago. I’ll transfer the exact words here: 2/4/10: Jasper (character from Twilight) was after me in this dream. I was at my dad’s house, I ran there. He followed and looked at me (from the side walk as I reached the door) as if I were his prey. He waited on the sidewalk, knowing I wouldn’t run for long. When I opened the door Alice was there, she smelt me and got that same look in her eyes as Jasper had, I was now both their prey. As she took a step forward I woke up, scared, but not scared to stay awake.

(I must have just watched one of the Twilight movies when I had this dream, lol)

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