Spirit Walks and Nature Talks, #4: Still Hunting

Log book – still hunting – entry 1 – experience time “20 mins” – 11:36 am – 11:50 am – 7.8.15

Saw: over 20 doves, 10 sparrows, 5 orange headed sparrows, and 2 humming birds, a yellow butterfly, tiny flying bug

Feeling: calm, unsure, drained but a releasing of tension, feeling of mind expanding

Doves: 1 male per 3 female, 1 male wooing a dove; hierarchy system, each dove had its place and feeding area; social but only with each other. Ignored the sparrows when feeding upon ground. One adolescent dove was ignored by adults. It stayed close to female, seemed nervous, trying to find a place to fit in.

Sparrows: social, skittish, curious, playful, feed in trees (higher ground) more so than on ground; doves are around rocks, using beaks to peck and find seed; sparrows stay where bare dirt reside, less rocks, and prefer the trees when feeding – dove feed upon ground; sparrows social and accepting of each other and appear less aggressive to their specie, compared to the dove. I feel dove may be an older species compared to the sparrow. Dove (larger) = move dove than sparrows – dove are dominant and possessive, sparrows are not. They can live in same area – co-exist together.

Trees move differently with the breeze based on it species (2 tree species I saw (Palm, fig, and 1 other I don’t know name of)

Fig – barely moved with breeze due to being smaller.

Palm – swayed in a fan like fashion, side to side

Other – moved in a dancing, wavy circle like fashion, but subtly; it is a playful species that greets all, good backyard tree.

Different species of flowers, plants, and trees move differently with the breeze

Check out Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews for more about connecting to your self through nature’s silent messages.

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