Dream Journal 10: Hermetic philosophy

Collective works – Jung

Nor should it be taken for granted that dream sequences are subject to any governing principle. The process of development proves on closer inspection to be cyclic or spiral. We might draw a parallel between such spiral courses and the processes in planets: in fact the planet motive tree, flower, ect., frequently recurs in these dreams and fantasies and is also spontaneously drawn or painted. In alchemy the tree is the symbol of Hermetic philosophy.

A series of dreams which contain numerous symbols of the center or goal. The development of these symbols is almost the equivalent or a healing process. The center goal or justification signifies salvation. The justification of such comes from the dreams themselves, because these contain references to religious phenomena. These processes are concerned with the religious-creating archetypes.

[7.28.2011]I’m recalling another dream now, one I had say… some time last April, I am not sure. I am unsure how this dream began. I was being chased around town by a killer who was recently on the news. He is a rapist killer. He was a short fat man with a receding hairline. He dress up as a clown to lure his victims. I remember now, he was in my pantry in beginning of dream. I was in my kitchen. It was a clown then, I left the house, it started running down the street, scene then changed to a busy street in town. I crossed and entered a diner that we don’t have in town. I sat down at the bar. A waiter asked what I wanted. I said ‘nothing. I am hiding from a killer’. The man didn’t seem to believe me. Then the killer entered the diner, now out of his clown suit. The waiter apparently didn’t recognize the man from the TV, because he went up to the man and asked what he wanted. The man gave me a devilish grin. I got up and hurriedly left the restaurant and ran down the street. The man soon caught up to me. I was running but not fast enough. Scene changed to a hotel room the man took me to. I woke up before getting raped…

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