Spirit Walks and Nature Talks 2

Discovery my spirit animals:

Totem animals of my chakras – creating the inner totem pole 

Tips and procedures before beginning meditation:

  • use dream totem exercise for lower 4 chakras [spirit walk category]
  • choose fragrance associated with chakra and candle of correct color -> sort unobtrusive music helps i.e. steady drumbeat rhythms
  • benefits of music: enhances imagery and overall experience (drumbeats are believed to be the heartbeat of earth; it connects us with the rhythms of Mother Earth ~~~water – earth; fetal waters
  • creating inner totem pole:
  1. use breathing techniques to relax and warm the body, soothing every part of your body.
  2. as you breathe, slow and steady, relaxing completely, visualize the color of the candle and chakra forming a small ‘crystalline’ sphere of light in the appropriate body area. * feel that part of the body, warm and tingling; from center of focused chakra, appears a tiny spark of light…

Visionary meditation process:

“As you focus upon that spark of light in your minds eye, it begins to shimmer and dance, growing brighter with each breath  you take. As you relax, breathing deeply, you feel a cool brush of air across your face and body. In your mind’s eye, images begin to appear.

“A meadow begins to form. You feel the earth solid beneath your feet. The air is cool and sweet. There is fragrance of new mown hay and spring flowers. The sun is warm upon the face and body.

“As you look around you see that this meadow is surrounded by tall stately trees. At one end of this meadow is a path lined with flowers and stones of every color and kind, leading up a distant mountain. The crest of the mountain is lost among the clouds. On the opposite side of the meadow, the path continues, leading down to a distant valley. As you look down toward that valley, you see your present home there.

“And you begin to understand.

“This meadow is a plateau, an intersection of time and space. It is where finite and the infinite come together; where the physical and spiritual meet. Here nature and human are one. This knowing is the freeing of the senses, because here is only to be

“You feel that brush of air across the face and body once again.

“a shadow now passes over you, the brush of air is felt again. As you look across the field you see the shad of what appears to belong to a large bird. As the shadow circles the meadow and over you, you feel the brush of air again, you watched the shadow, each time it passes over you. You feel that brush of air as if powerful wings are fanning you.

“You raise your eyes to the sky and far off you see a bird circling over head. You are amazed. You are also quite sure that it must be immense to be able to cast a shadow from such a distance.

“As you watch it, it descends and circles the tops of the trees. You are awestruck. It is so large and so magnificent. As you gaze up at it, it’s shadow now fills the meadow, it hovers. Before you can respond it swoops down and grasps, holding you firmly but gently, and it begins to carry you up and out of this meadow.

“Those tremendous wings beat, sending guts of wind past you. As you look down toward the meadow, you see the grasses waving in response to the currents created by its wings, and for a moment you are sure they are waving goodbye to you. Still the bird climbs higher, leaving the meadow far behind.

“The air becomes cooler, but it isn’t uncomfortable as you are carried higher and higher. You realize you are being carried in the direction of that distant mountain.

“Then the beating of wings stop, and this magnificent bird begins to soar, riding upon the winds. Slowly it circles, gliding, slowly and beginning to descend toward the mountain crest. As you look down toward it, you see a large nest at its very crest.

“You catch your breath as you descend, drawing closer to the nest. You are afraid that you will hit it too hard, but with a powerful flapping of its wings the bird hovers over the nest and lays you gently within it, with more powerful strokes of the winds, it rises once more and disappears into the sky.

“You are standing in this nest, on what you are sure is the top of the world. You move to the edge and look down, but the view is dizzying and you step back, breathing deeply to relax. The wind begins to rise around you, swirling, rising, and falling.

“As you continue to breathe deeply, you begin to hear faint whispers in that wind. As you relax those whispers harmonize and a clear voice issues forth from the winds. ‘you are part of nature. You are within nature, and are touched by all of nature. When you learn to attune to the animals, to the other creatures that live within It, you will become more sensitive to all environments. You will learn which environments to avoid, and which to embrace. You will find yourself awakened and empowered. You will once more be ‘animal-wise’.

“And then the voice fades into the wind, but it grows stronger around you. You move once more to the edge of the nest, standing upon its side. You breathe deeply, air moving around your body. You see the wind as crystalline spirals of energy.

“Every cell within you seems to be breathing, and with each breath you feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter.

“You extend your arms outward like an eagle spreading its wings. You feel what ever bird has felt when it prepared to fly from the nest for the first time. You breathe deeply and step off.

“There is a soft drop and then the wind catches you, lifting you, sending you upwards. You begin to relax into the wind, soaring with it. Riding upon it, not against. Never have you felt so free.

“As you relax into the currents, you realize you have begun a gentle spiral down toward that meadow. As you look down, everything is brighter. There is a shine that wasn’t there before, slowly, gently, the currents carry you toward that meadow.

“As you get closer, you realize that there is now a tree standing in the middle of this meadow. It’s roots extend deep into the heart of the Earth and its upper branches seem to reach toward you. Gently you reach with your hand, brushing the top of that tree to slow your descent, and you land softly on the grass at its base. 

“You are filled with wonder at the journey you just taken. You look around you and everything looks so much more alive! And then there’s a subtle movement from the opposite side of the tree. Your breath catches and you watch as there appears a magnificent creature. You are again filled with wonder, realizing this is the animal at your feet chakra [baboon?]. It will connect you to all things of the earth.

“As you gaze upon it, you are filled with awe at its beauty and energy, and then you realize that this creature has your eyes. It’s your eyes that are looking out from it to you. In that moment it begins to shimmer and with your next breath it melts into you. You feel it coming alive within you, growing stronger with every breath you take. You feel a tingling in the area of your feet. You feel the pulse of the earth. You feel yourself being connected.

“You breathe deeply and close your eyes, offering a prayer of thanks for that which you have just experienced and for that which you will unfold in the days ahead. You see the chakra within you, bright and strong connecting you to Earth. You see and feel that animal alive within you.

“As you open your eyes you are amazed to find that tree gone. In its place is a wooden staff. It’s upper third is carved in to 8 sections. In the bottom section is a carving of the animal that now breathes within you. You reach out and take the staff in your hand, placing your palm against the carving of the animal. You close your eyes and breathe deeply as a soft tingling runs through your body. A brush of air passes across you and you feel a wave of joy and strength fills you. 

“You raise the staff above your head and speak a prayer of thanks and honor to this creature, and you breathe deeply feeling more whole than you have felt in ages.

“As you open your eyes yet again, you see that the meadow is fading from the vision. The distant mountain; the valley below; the meadow itself. Yet the staff is strong in your hands, and the animal alive within you. You breathe deep and again there is that brush of air and it fills you with promise. As the images fade from the inner vision, you realize that they do so only to be born into the outer life.”




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