Dream Journal 8: Dream Series

The way to the goals seems chaotic and interminable at first and only gradually do the signs increase that it’s leading anywhere. The way isn’t straight but appears to go around in circles. More accurate knowledge has proved to go in spirals: the dream – motives always return after certain intervals to define forms, whose characteristic’s to define a center. The whole process revolves about a central point or some arrangement round a center, which may in certain circumstances appear even in the initial dreams. As manifestations of unconscious processes the dreams rotate or circum-ambulations increases in distinctness and in scope, owing to the diversity of the symbolic material. It’s difficult at first to perceive any kind of order at all. – C.G. Jung’s Collective Works, vol. III


Sometime at the end of last year I had a dream about Jason. [continued on 7/28/2011]. It was as if I were in a movie. I was sitting at a kitchen table in a one story home that I had never been in. the table was round and oak, it sate 5. me, my sister, and Jason’s mother sat there. Jason’s mother told us that there are rumors of Jason returning, that he’s back in town. We were talking of recent murders that happened near the lake. With the mention of Jason a feeling of fear crept up inside me. In my dream I had a flash back of a year back (Jason’s mom, who’s my mom in the dream, spoke about Jason attacking 1 year ago). In the flashback I was in a car with my real mom and sister. He was about to kill us, my mom and sister 1st. I pleaded with him ‘no, please don’t.’ I don’t know what it was, maybe the tone of my voice, but he stopped for a moment before he was about to stab my mom, and looked at me. I looked at him as well. It was only for a few moments, then there was flashing lights of police cars and the voices of cops. They went up to Jason and grabbed him. He began to attack and killed 1 cop (there were 4). I got out of the car, I believe I was the only one in the car, I am not sure. I felt sympathy for Jason, I screamed at the cops, “don’t hurt him!’ all came to a halt, even Jason. All were shocked, including me, of my worlds and pleading look. Those few moments of distraction was enough for Jason to break free from the cops and run into the woods (car was parked near woods close to the lake). The cops watched him go. The scene then went back to us sitting at the oak table. I am not sure, but I believe the scene switched to Jason, as it hit night time (was mid-morning at beginning of dream) coming for me. Again, me, my sis, and real mom were outside, this time outside this home I have never been in. Jason ignored my mom and sister and came up to me with his machete. I felt he loved me, and knew I didn’t feel the same way. So he was going to kill me. Him and I were both standing into the street. I woke up when I realized he was going to kill me.

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