Dream Journal, entry 7: The “Myth” of Dreams Coming True

“When one has such experiences – dreams coming true – one acquires a certain respect for the potential communication alities and arts of the unconscious. Only, one must remain critical and be aware that such may have a subjective meaning as well. They may be in accord with reality, and then again they may not. I have, however, learned that the views I have been able to form on the basis of such hints from the unconscious have been most rewarding… I will acknowledge that I have a “myth” which encourages me to look deeper into this whole realm. Myths are the earliest form of science. When I speak of things after death, I am speaking out of inner prompting, and can go no farther than to tell you dreams and myths that relate to this subject.” C.G. Jung – Dreams, memories, reflections


I don’t remember when I had this next dream. Either towards the middle or end of last year, dunno. I don’t remember much of it, just that it was at night and I went to sleep after spending the evening with my family and Keith and Blank, possibly father. I soon feel asleep and dreamed. The dream was cloudy, but I saw myself as I slept. I saw a man standing in the middle of my room looking at me. I woke up in my dream feeling someone in the room. When I woke up I saw no one. I then fell asleep again in my dream. I saw blackness before waking up again. 

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