Dream entry 5: “Going Black under the Skin”


 “Going black under the skin,” a spiritual peril which threatens the uprooted European in Africa to an extent not fully appreciated. “Where danger is, there is salvation also” these words of Holderlin often came to my mind in such situations. The salvation lies in our ability to bring the unconscious urges to consciousness with the aid of warning dreams. These dreams show that there is something in us which does not merely submit passively to the influence of the unconscious, but on the contrary rushes eagerly to meet it, identifying itself with the shadow. Just as a childhood memory can suddenly take possession of consciousness with so lively an emotion that we feel wholly transported back to the original situation, so these seemingly alien and wholly different Arab surroundings awaken an archetypal memory of an only too well known prehistoric past which apparently we have entirely forgotten. We are remembering a potentiality of life which has been overgrown by civilization, but which in certain places is still existent. If we were to relive it naively, it would constitute a relapse into barbarism. Therefore we prefer to forget it. But should it appear to us again in the form of a conflict, then we should keep it in our consciousness and test the two possibilities against each other – the life we live and the one we have forgotten. For what has apparently been lost does not come to the fore again without sufficient reason. In the living psychic structure, nothing takes place in a merely mechanical fashion’ everything fits into the economy of the whole, relates to the whole. That is to say, it is all purposeful and has meaning. But because consciousness never has a view of the whole, it usually cannot understand this meaning. We must there for content ourselves for the time begin with noting the phenomenon and hoping that the future, or further investigation will reveal the significance of this clash with the shadow of the self.” – C.G. Jung, Collective Works Vol. III

7.19.2010 [Tuesday]

Had a dream about [online friend I liked, though never saw a picture of, I liked him cuz he seemed troubled and I wanted to ‘fix him’] and others I play [online game] with. We were at his house, but it looked more like a hotel. We were swimming in the pool. My mom, sis, and bros were there too. [online guy friend] was his typical funny yet ‘cold’ self. Him and I were off talking a lot, but he talked to others as well. I secretly liked him, was hoping he liked me too. In the dream he didn’t give me much notice, only friendly type. Soon we all went inside to use the bath room. I carried my book inside, I guess I was reading at some point. It was an Anne rice book, Memmoch the Devil, the one I am reading now. I left it inside by accident, got distracted talking to [online guy friend]. When we were all walking back to the pool [online guy friend] asked where my book was. I said I accidentally left it inside. He frowned and said we can go back and get it later. By this time I felt a difference in him towards me. He started being more friendly towards me in the pool. Others began to notice. I woke up when I somehow got to the deep end holding onto the side. I woke up before I got embarrassed when he’d find out I can’t swim.

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