Dream Journal, entry 4: Art of Dreams

 Jung – dreams memories reflections

“To me dreams are a part of nature, which harbors no intention to deceive, but expresses something as best it can, just as a plant grows or an animal seeks its food as best it can. These forms of life, too, have no wish to deceive our eyes, but we may deceive ourselves because our eyes are shortsighted. Or we hear amiss because our ears are rather deaf – but it is not our ears that wish to deceive us.”

Monday, 7.18.2010

I had a dream that my mom and I met [Psychic]. I think it was on a set of some TV show. She came up to us and told my mom that she’ll do a quick reading for her in a minute. She then went off to answer the audience questions. When she came back she said a couple things to mom but since mom didn’t have any questions she left quickly. She ignored me, acted like I wasn’t there, my mom did the same when [Psychic] came up and spoke to us. It felt like they knew each other well. I wanted a reading from [Psychic], but I was too nervous to ask. There were people all around us, like we were behind the scenes of a TV show. As [Psychic] walked away I became disappointed. In my dream I thought back to a couple years ago when I had a phone reading with [Psychic, I was thinking within my dream]. [Psychic] wasn’t very nice on the phone, especially since I didn’t have questions, right away. That’s why it was hard for me to ask her for a reading.

Later in the dream, I think, it switched to a group of people around in a circle talking. [Psychic] was there as well. She was sitting next to my mom. A woman in the group asked something about breast implants and my mom answered her. I noticed in the dream my mom’s breasts almost looked smaller, firmer. [Psychic] said something to my mom about the breast implants. The comment was disapproving of them but at the same time it was said teasingly. I think my mom and everyone laughed. It again felt as though they knew each other, but now as if like good friends.

Later on, I think it was another dream, my mom and I were at some psychic fair. I wanted to get a reading and so did my mom. We signed up to get a reading from a heavy set lady with curly hair. We waited a bit and my mom had the first reading. I had to wait after one more person before I got mine. After the person was done I stood up to get my reading done, but the psychic lady asked for someone else first. A woman who looked sad and depressed. My mom stood up and said I was next. I woke up shortly afterwards.

I remember a quick clip of a dream that happened earlier than these. It took place at night. Mom was in the kitchen, Keith was on the computer, [Second to oldest brother] in the living room, a typical night. The phone rang and my mom asked Keith to answer it. He did, then I woke up.

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