Year 2 Wrap up

This year has been a reflective year, both of continual spiritual growth, and of becoming grounded into reality. Year 2 of my blog began with a Yogic post, of grounding and light, and letting go of samskaras, patterns of thought and behavior that which harm our view of self-worth.

Take in the autumn scents… take in the coolness of the air… let the scent of a new season, a new day, fill you… let it take your control and lessen it to a greater sense of existence… the existing in the here and now… let your mind rest, and cease to sound out repeated thoughts… let it too rest in silence… in an inner bliss, felt within and without, to those conscious of the vibrant energies around us all… let go of control… let in breath… let in the essence of life… let your light shine from within to without…. Let go of control… let in freedom… freedom to exist, to be your true, essential, pure self.

Letting Go, Ego

In a way this year was an intimate blog year, I shared more and more about me, my inner world, and through this sharing I have shined the light on the path to peace, a path I’ve always been on, but the light was dim. I only saw a few steps before me, and never focused on the light at the corner of my eye. But once I did, I felt, what it means to have inner peace…. If only for a little while.

om, shanti, shanti, shantini (AUM, peace, peace, perfect peace)

A Piece of ME

The Beatle’s song Let it be still echoes in my mind in times of trouble. Let it Be

The coming of the end of last year definitely was a time for me to let go of old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, and to have an invisible faith on something greater, success yet determined.

One can only believe entirely, perhaps, in what one cannot see.” – Virginia Wolf

Affirmation From the Dreamcatcher

January led to more self-reflection, some hesitation, and some fear, but all in preparation for me to become the best of ME.

I am scared, nervous, anxious and afraid. I am transitioning into a place in life I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be, and yet I am afraid to enter this place. I am literally, and figuratively, one step away from accomplishing independence within myself. I am coming out of the “unknown territory” and onto a path, although new, is one I’ve always envisioned to be on.

The Current ME

This post led me into a series of Journal Entries, of further self-understanding, a confession of sorts. The journal entries led me further into analyzing myself, and the discovery of what C.G. Jung calls, the Collective Unconscious. I have posted a variety of posts related to the Collective Unconscious, dreams, and self-reflection. The discovery of C.G. Jung works helped me understand myself, and that I am not insane, and the images I see within myself are parts of me.

Review my Confessional and Psychology and Tools for Self-Development categories for posts of my Journal Entries and works related to C.G. Jung.


Psychology and Tools for Self Development

I have also begun to share my inner world with you all, through posting my short stories, beginning with a whimsical tale of Flap Jack.

Flap Jack

Creative Expression

There are transitions frequently in our lives, and my own transition of becoming grounded into reality this year has lead me to Wonderment, beyond our earth, and to the stars that which we came from. Funny, that’s a bit contradicting; I am becoming grounded with my head in the clouds.

“Seeing pictures of the universe lets me know I am not alone. These photographs let me know that what I see in my mind is real, and not of my creation. These photographs let me know that in my meditations, what I see is real and not my creation. I am on the verge of understanding, if only for a little while.” ME

Science Wonderment: Black Holes, Time Travel

Through my grounding I have felt Subtle Freedom, and allowed myself to be ok with my heads in the clouds. I think, if this is even possible, I have been creating a balance of fantasy and reality, and in turn have found Subtle Freedom. Yes, my Yoga practice has helped with this, too.

 To feel the subtle freedom is to first empty yourself of thoughts and pent-up emotions, because they take up space and energy in the body. To release them they must be experienced – not held onto or ignored – but really experienced in a natural flow, even if it results in sobbing or shouting. It will pass, and when it does, and emptiness is felt, and that emptiness is where freedom is to be cultivated – serenity is forming.

Serenity is Subtle Freedom

Through recognition of Subtle Freedom I have begun to analyze my dreams, and share them here, along with the make up of dreams, brought to me to you from the works of C.G. Jung. They can be found in my Psychology and Tools for Self-development category.

All of these posts are related to the inner light, our soul, that which is the energizer of peace, serenity, and surrender. May you all stay blessed and prosper, within the light of the sun.

The Light of the Sun

The Great Om is hard to see, even if one is blessed to see the Glorious fiery white light. They can not see it on their own command. Many barriers have to be crossed to view this glorious light – even if this very light is calling for you. It has been calling me for years, this glorious light that lurks even in the shadows.

Peace & Love ❤

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