Dream Journal, Entry 2: Dream characteristics and themes

 Dream characteristics and themes:

  • All dreams have patterns that can be interpreted.
  • salient characteristics; chaotic and multiplicity and order; duality; the opposition of light and dark; upper and lower, right and left; the union of opposites in a third, the Quaternary (square, cross); rotation (circle/sphere); and the centering process and radial arrangement that usually follows some Quaternary system Triadic formations are rare apart from the complexio oppostism [opposite complex]. The centering process is the climax of the dream, and is characterized as such by the fact it brings the greatest therapeutic effect. Mythology appears the same as these characteristics.
  • The collective unconscious conditions called “dominate” act as regulators and stimulators of creative fantasy activity and make corresponding formations by availing themselves of the conscious material.
  • Archetypes act as instincts in dreams – regulating, modifying, and motivating content of dreams. Archetypes are “spiritual” or “magical” and come in the form of spirits or ghosts in dreams, also as fantasies that have some sort of effect on the dreamer. An archetype is a spirit or pseudo spirit. They are the essence of all mythologies, religions, and magicism.
  • The underlining of all psychic energy is archetypal and instinct.
  • psychic processes behave like a scale – at one minute it finds in instinct and falls under its influences and at another it slides to the other end where spirit predominates and assimilates the instinctual processes, which is the opposite of it. Spiritual is opposite of instinct. Spiritual and instinct make up the psyche.

 -Collective Works volume 3, C.G. Jung


Dream entry:

The last dream I had before waking up was of Blank. I believe at some point there was 2 other guys, maybe friends of his, I don’t know. The dream had the feel of Utah, like the boys in the dream were his friends from Utah [he was born in Utah]. We weren’t in Utah, though. We were walking on the canal [near my home] and talking to each other. I felt the beginning of a relationship between us. I felt he liked me too in the dream. The dream gave me a feel of happiness. I woke up as he and I were walking back to my house. He said ‘by now I would be kissing you, but I know you don’t want that.’ I did, though, but my familiar hesitation was in me. At that moment I woke up. This was a first night in about a week that I fell into a deep sleep.

(Dreamt on Sat, July 16th, 2010)

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