Music Soul Connection

Music has been a gateway to personal growth, development, and survival throughout the ages; beginning with workers in the fields and servants in the manors, a way to escape and release stress of backbreaking work and hardships. Music has been used through the ages as a way to send messages to loved ones, or the early scientists, as a way to keep information from religious or country leaders. Alchemy, found even in the works of Shakespeare, was used in poetry to form the beginnings of maladies, harmonies, and rhythms that helped define music how we hear it today. It began with a message to an individual, a group of individuals, and then to the world, as well as a way to release emotion and express a plan without one in power realizing what was happening (music wasn’t known in its beginnings, it was mostly ‘noise’ not something to really take into consideration that’d influence a

Almost every poem I write is influenced by a song I hear on the radio. Music, to me, is a way to connect to the soul. You never know what a song will help you realize until you sit down and take the time to really listen. That song that repeats over and over in your head, listen to it and truly hear what it is telling you. What is the meaning of the song and its relation to you? Our minds are a tool for survival, emotions play a role in our survival and music is emotion/feeling… listen to what that song is saying; listen to why you put that song on repeat. Listen. It’s all connection to the soul; soul speech.


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