The Master of Disguise

WE are the masters of disguise. Something to ponder…


We wear a painted face of bright happy colors
To disguise our sad eyes and sheepish grin
Painted lines of illusion
To bring Smile to strangers lips
We are the sad ones
With the happy sad faces
To entertain the many races
We are laughable
Undesirable past the painted predictability of our destiny
Fantasy creation of humor
But like a tumor that which grows
A lump no body knows
Under the skin of despair
An art in disrepair
We make Laugh and carry on
As if nothing is wrong
We function with dysfunction
Which what makes us funny
They laugh at us for what we do
Ignoring that we are them too
Mimicking their actions in abstraction
Is what we are to do
Without them knowing that they are not laughing
At our painted on grins and bright colors
But at their own antics being portrayed before them
In an attraction of abstraction
Within a timeless grin
Painted illusion
They laugh in delusion
Not knowing it is they who laugh at they
Not they who laugh at we
The art of illusion
Is within our painted grin
We are who win
The masters of disguise
Within a house of lies
Cruel intentions
Of the laughers
Who are in disillusion
They laugh at they
Not they who laugh at we
The masters of disguise

(Written by ME, 12/26/2015)

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