To Avi

I have been retrograding this past month on a trip I had last year, a trip exploring Northern Arizona and a little bit of Southern Utah [You can read about it on my Trekking through the Canyons post in Travel category], on a two week trip with a great friend. We visited Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce National parks, Sedona, and San Diego. It was a great experience for me, and it opened my mind to new possibilities. I will one day go on another trip, with some similarities as this one, but more extensively. Time will tell how and when I will. I just have to keep plugging along.

We grew very close on this trip, my partner and I, but distance and time happens to change circumstances. We are now a part, one has moved on and found another love companion, but a piece of him will always be in my heart, along with the happy memories we have shared.

December 26th, 2014
Mind Portrait

I painted a picture of you in my mind
And within that portrait is me
We are together as one
A love just begun
Underneath the rising sun
In a green field with soft rolling hills
With a few scattered trees
You and I are captured in a moment in time
Hand in hand, frolicking gleefully
Smiling brightly
Our arms are outstretched as we run
Our hands are not undone
We are looking into each other’s eyes
My flowing skirts, your elegant wear
We are running without a care
Down the soft rolling hills of green
Underneath the rising sun
In a love just begun
I captured this image in my mind, painted delicately
So that I’ll have something to keep
An image captured in time
An illusion that is all mine
Despite the real reality
I’ll keep this secret image just for me
For you to never see
Us frolicking gleefully
Underneath the rising sun
An unborn love just begun
In a mind full of dreams
Within a land of make believe
Weaning me too young
From a love just begun
Frolicking gleefully
Underneath the rising sun


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