Spirit Speech: Thumb Sized Flame

Whoosh, whoosh

Hello, Soul, How have you been? It has been a while since we met. I’d like to introduce myself, but some how, I feel, you already know me.

Whoosh, whoosh

I felt you today, Soul, for the first time in a long time, I took note of the sacred fact that you are more than just an image of my own creation in my mind. You are small in comparison to the images in my mind, possibly the size of my thumb, lying dormant in the heart of my being… but I felt you come to life today. You are my inner flame, the desire all seek externally. I feel you internally. You are my internal flame, in my heart… You are the true me.

Whoosh, whoosh

But how do you become more than just the life within my heart, Soul? I see subtle hints all around me, of sacred solitude, understanding friendships, and challenging job experience with humble co-workers… I see the hints of understanding, humble, and the beauty and importance of sacred solitude.

Whoosh, whoosh

My guides I no longer hear. But I feel them in my being… maybe they sit beside you, Soul… or maybe those larger-than life images are the make up of you, Thumb Sized flame… If that is so, that seems quite impeccable… how can something so small hold such great power and wisdom? All within me? Within us all?

Whoosh, whoosh

The songs on the radio, I hear them well… Stairway to heaven, let it be, take it easy, all have hidden meanings, often directed toward me… maybe I am egotistic in these moments of self reflection… or maybe it just means my soul and ego are becoming one; ego accepting all the many parts of me, that make up you, tiny Thumb Sized flame… just a piece of the awesome light past our galaxies, solar systems, stars of existence… past creation… the source of creation… you, Soul, are a flame… a flame part of the very source of all creation… the source of bliss… the power of love that changes and creates worlds, within worlds, within many worlds…

Whoosh, whoosh

You have no words to speak to me, only the silent whisper, feeling like a breath upon the skin, feather in the wind… whistle of the wind. My inner wind, that which flicks my soul’s flame, igniting the inner fire… May you spread through my entire being, may the light shine through the eyes of my being… Shine on, Thumb Sized Flame.


The inner wind is speaking to me again, flickering my Thumb Sized Flame into life…

Listen. Do you hear the words of the knowledge trees, through the whisper of the wind?


Artist Cedar Lee
Found on We’Moon

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