Blind Walking within a Comfort Zone between the Crossroads of Past, Present, & Future

Concept image of Future Past & Present on a signpost against the sky.pic found @ itpro

I’ve been Blind Walking, blind walking into the unknown territories of my life. With my physical eyes blinded, I developed seeing through unseen eyes; the eyes of my subconscious. Through these invisible, immortal eyes, I’ve shown a symbolic light upon shadows I once feared, and realized the shadows are signs I am to see when ready. I am ready to face the shadows of my invisible world, the shadows I’ve hid from for far too long.

Through the canyon of my soul, I do walk, with physical eyes blinded, invisible eyes ignited by a light within, I see the light within these imaginary shadow signs I’m to face. The light within these eyes I wear release the stress and worry as I peer into these shadows while walking this winding unpaved path, loose dirt compacts as I step lightly, carefully, and steadily. My clumsy footsteps steadied after the fall from that cliff of perceived confusion; the fear of the fall over, for I have survived. The impact of the fall was softened by Angel Whispers, my unseen guides always at my side.

I continue walking the canyon path, and it too does end like every path does in time, and at its end is darkness deeper than pitch; fear touches my chest, a coldness creeping in, but I do not give in, it disperses before it reaches my heart. I walk on. The shadows form on each side of me, like wispy trees growing from the ground, they bend and morph with the breeze, attempting to touch me and call out to me. I turn to say hello to each, and as I peer into the shadows, they turn into something insignificant; they are not so bad, for they are just a repeat of something long past. Once acknowledge the shadows disperse. This is the path outside my Comfort Zone, leading to something greater than I can perceive…

I come to a Crossroads, yes… My jaw drops open and eyes widen in awesome awe as I peer to the sky above the paths before me. The paths before me are 1, 2, and 3… I am standing in an open space, and larger than life figures appear above each path, confusing my vision: on the left path dark shadowy figures of grey and black with multiple emotional faces appear, stating incomprehensible words in a deep unearthly tone… above the middle path is a quiet dark hooded figure with the outline of an animal/beast with three heads, and an unlit lantern in the figure’s hand… and the right path, third path, is a sight of deep purple, a dim light barely seen in the far, far, distance, a path hardly visible, easy to miss amongst the awesome sight of archetypal figures.

I am petrified in my tracks, in an awesome disturbance, as I peer at the larger than life figures… a ting like sound is heard in my ears, a ting of a distant bell, draws me back into perception. My jaw closes, I shake my head, but the images do not leave my sight. I look to my right at the purple path, and take note of the calm feeling that overcomes me. When I peer into this path, the archetypal images end, and I no longer feel the awesome overwhelming feeling of unworldly possibilities. My frozen feet thaw, and I begin a slow motion walk toward this path…

I reach the entrance… my feet are moving forward, but the path is not firm; it is soft with thick like mud… there is no hard pressure on the souls of my feet, but my legs do have to work harder as I walk… walk… so slowly walk…

The light brightens as I walk… walk… walk…

A clearing is seen… I walk… enter the clearing… the purple hue fades into a blue… green… yellow… A scene is forming into a valley of green with colorful wild flowers and a large, immaculate sun, that does not hurt the eyes when peered into…

I feel relief… I open my arms wide and eyes too… I peer into this immaculate sun, a warmth so great words cannot express is felt… My eyes water, clearing my once blurred vision, forming clarity… I whisper as I take in the sun’s light… I am free.

A path in life has ended, and a new one’s beginning… oh the possibilities.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

*the sound of piles of paper rapidly being flipped through is heard*

I have been sifting through my past posts today, recalling my 1 year of blogging on WordPress coming up (on October 2nd). I have noticed many patterns in my posts, patterns related to Self (soul) realization, acceptance, and letting go of fear. To be honest (and no this is not boasting), as I’ve been reflecting back, I have been inspired by my own writing.

I have been reflecting back on some posts related to finding myself, because I found I have hit a wall within my exploration outside my Comfort Zone. I found I have to go even FURTHER outside my comfort zone than I’ve done so far, and the more I push the harder it seems to do; it is as if I am walking through a thick swampy land, and with every step I sink a little further down. When I keep moving the sinking lessens, but when I stop for a second it quickens. The process of moving forward is tedious and strenuous, causing me in some areas to back track and repeat old patterns of behavior because I’m facing something totally new to me. It is all part of the process of finding me. I have entered a new path of existence, a new path in life… and with this realization, despite the challenges, I feel free; free of the past, and open to the present, ready for whatever comes my way that shapes my future.


Let be what has been, let be what has been… this is the mantra I tell myself these days… always… let it be… let it be.

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