(Rose Offner) “Journal to the Soul” Entry 21 Forgiveness


Extending Grace

“Forgiveness is one of the most important lessons we can learn in life. As we forgive, so we are forgiven. Write about what forgiveness means to you, about what not forgiving is costing you, about what you have yet to forgive yourself for.”

Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul

* * * * * *

To forgive is one of the hardest concepts to grasp within ourselves. What forgiveness means to me is: letting go of past thoughts and actions, including what others have done to me and what I’ve done to myself.

By not forgiving I remain stuck in a pattern of life that is not good for my spirit. Keeping – holding on – to a way of life, thought, or past action weighs down the spirit and prevents one from moving forward in life. If one isn’t moving forward in life, they can’t fully accomplish goals they set for themselves in life. We just settle for mediocre and become miserable with regrets and bitterness towards those who have done us wrong. I have yet, up until today, to fully forgive those who have done me wrong in my past by using me for their own personal gain. As I write theses words now, I forgive them. As the ink stains this paper, the memories are removed from my mind. I no longer hold bitter memories of my past. With these ink words, I let them go.

I forgive my Mother for her manipulations and misgivings in my childhood, all has passed she and I are both doing well. I forgive my Father for not being there – really being there for me when I was a child, he was always taking care of us financially but not so much emotionally, but for this I do forgive for that is no longer the case now, this has past, I let it go.

I forgive myself for not pushing myself to do better in life. I know now what is happening in my life is happening with intention. I am in charge of my own choices, whatever the consequences (good or bad) of those choices, it is my responsibility and my choice to make. This includes career wise and relationship wise (both friend and intimate relations). As long as I am moving forward in life, and making the choices and decisions that are necessary to benefit my well-being, all is fine. Forgiveness is a step to awareness, a step to conquering fears, and all this will lead to clarity, and an inner power that is so strong that words can not define it. Forgiveness is individually defined, and it is a beautiful thing.

I am blessed, as we all are, and I am grateful for my life. All is great. My life is happening as it should. My goals, with every (big or small) step forward, are being accomplished. Thank you all – spirit and physical beings – who have and are helping me along my way.

NOTE: This is the last snippet of Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul that I will be posting, feel free to check the self help journal out if you are enjoying what I have posted in relation to it so far.

Peace and love ❤

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