(Rose Offner) “Journal to the Soul” Entry 7: Life’s Values


“Clarify your values. List your seven to ten most important values in life; then ask yourself if you are living your life in accordance with your values. What changes can you make so that what you value and the way you are living your life will match?”

Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul

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Life Values:

  1. Friendship – socialization/closeness
  2. Acceptance– past, mistakes, and letting go
  3. Family– togetherness/communication
  4. Proactive – motivation, determination, activity
  5. Being– in the now, clear thoughts: FOCUS
  6. Respect– self and others
  7. Faith– knowing my dreams will be my reality
  8. 8. Love– for self and others

How am I living in accordance to my life?

What changes can I make so my values and how I’m living my life match?


1: Friendship – socialization/closeness:

I value someone to be close to outside family life. I tend to shy away from friendship due to my own insecurities and staying “inside” myself. To change this is to change my thought process: to become more positive about myself by not thinking/analyzing so much and focus on being, rather than being anxious about the future. When I accept ME I then will accept friendship.


  1. Acceptance:

Is a value I recently integrated into my life. I have recently entered the process of “letting go” or “de-cluttering” my life by changing my thought processes: meaning, I am learning to be in the NOW and not so much in my head – though my intuitive and fantasy world are a HUGE part of me – I do not let my inner world continue to be my only way to come/deal/adjust to what is happening in my current reality. To start a career and to become independent I must “let go” of old memories, ways of viewing the world, and love my Self. All of this: letting go to loving myself leads to acceptance. I am finally learning to accept my self for ME. I will BE.

  1. Family:

I value my family deeply. We have been through a lot together. Even though we have our flaws, issues, obstacles, circumstances, and other life worries, we are always there for one another. Communication –verbal and non – are important to know and read. The past couple years – maybe because we’re older4, or maybe an unspoken obstacle, that was a many year(s) struggle, has FINALLY been crossed… overcome? Too early to tell. But the togetherness and communicating has begun.


  1. Proactive:

For some reason this “Value” I chose is hard to write about. Maybe because it is a value not yet in my life and I’d like it to be. Being proactive, to me, is striving with passion and determination to achieve a goal in life and to be, do, what you want, and be your True Self.

  1. Being:

This is what I’m working on now. I am learning to accept who I am, past mistakes and failures, and I am learning to forgive others who have hurt me in the past. I am learning to let go of old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer help my spiritual “psyche” development. By accepting I am acknowledging the thoughts, feelings and behaviors, which are hindering my development and the memories that cling to my psyche; memories from childhood, even, and especially teen years. I am learning to let the past go, and to focus on being in the NOW. After seven years of exploring Myself, I am finally learning what it means to Be – to really Be – and that is beyond fantasy and archetypal images. That is only one part of being.

  1. Respect:

I am learning to respect myself through acceptance and acknowledgement of my thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. By learning to respect my self I am learning to respect others. I am learning to not let others actions get to me by acknowledging that things are usually more than they appear. By having an open mind I am learning to see things in the big picture. By being open minded and showing respect I am learning that I can be friends with a variety of people.

  1. Faith:

Patience is part of faith, and I am learning to never give up faith. Faith, belief, and knowing to keep moving forward, pushing through emotions, thoughts – feeling them and acknowledging, but not holding tight, but letting them pass through and away – are what lead to accomplishments, determination, success, and peace within. I will keep my faith in knowing and working my dreams into reality.

  1. Love:

For myself and others. I am learning to love my Self so that I can love others.

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