(Rose Offner) “Journal to the Soul” Entry 1: Life’s confusion and triumph


This past year I’ve been writing, on and off, in a journal related to my self. I wrote in a previous post titled Life’s Timeline about Rose Offner’s Journal to the Soul. I have decided to post a few entries from this journal to share with you. I’ll write a snip-bit from the journal, directions from Rose, so that you can write your own entry, if you choose. Writing can be very therapeutic, and healing to the soul. It can be a great, silent, and healthy way to express your self. It can be your own private journal, only for you to see. There are many uses to a journal, even if it is just sketching a drawing of your emotion. We all express ourselves differently. This journal offers tips and ways for Self-inquiry, self-healing from anger to forgiveness, self-esteem, and self-fulfillment (manifesting your dreams and desires).

Entry 1

“Write about your life or a piece of your life that you don’t understand and would like to. Write it as a fairy tale or short story. Begin your story with, “Once upon a time…” or “it was told that…” include an obstacle that has yet to be overcome, an encounter that has significance, the gift you received or the lesson learned, and how you came to triumph in the end”



It was told that there was a woman who lived to rule a world. This woman had no skills, direction, or tenderness as she walked through the world, because theses “life skills” were not given to her.

The ‘SOURCE’ told the spirit, that was to be born into this woman, that there are no guaranties in the world, nor right or wrong path to walk.

The only thing the SOURCE gave/told the woman’s Spirit is “listen to your heart, it will be your guide; let it lead you to your destination.

And so the woman was born. The woman grew, developed, and was nurtured like the average child. Although she had a family and parent love, she always felt that something is missing, that something isn’t right.

As she grew and developed she observed her parent’s relationship and how they treat one another. She observed their arguments, took in their shouts and words that showed no compassion, nor actions that showed tenderness toward one another. Of course, this woman was too young to understand what it meant.

So the woman grew, developed, and now is a young adult. As she grew up she went through – not only body changes – but emotional changes and developments she didn’t understand, most likely due to the influence of her parents.

Due to the confusion, and no direction from her parents, she developed mood swings and was very shy in social settings; therefore she never had many friends or a long term significant other. She walked through life like a shadow, getting by absorbing everything, but never fully experiencing what her peeps experienced.

One day, shortly after graduating high school, it dawned on her that she isn’t experiencing what her peeps are experiencing. She asks herself “what is missing in my life?” and the response she obtained was as follows: “Love, tenderness, direction, and life skills.” This response puzzled her.

She then asks herself, “how do I obtain these things?” and the response was quite powerful, “Listen to your heart.

And so she did. From that day forward she listened to the voice in her heart, that which never led her astray, with every obstacle that came on her path, the voice within her gave her guidance.

Although the obstacles were not easy to over come, she did it with an open mind and an honest heart. Nothing can stand in her way. ❤

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